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facebook widget error message

  1. viccobbfountain

    I typed in my Facebook URL correctly and saved the widget set-up, but when I visit the blog I see the following message: "Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in."

    The link works but the unsightly pink error box is still there.

    Thanks so much.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi. Which URL are you entering?

  3. technology4agri

    I have the same problem. i have a group in which I am the admin on facepage. I do not have a page. i would like to link my group on facebook to my recently created blog

    Here's my blog

    here's my group!/groups/abs.uwi?ap=1

  4. @technology4agri: You already opened a topic for your problem. For the sake of organization, let's stick to your topic...

  5. viccobbfountain

  6. That's a group or a personal profile. The Facebook Like Box widget on only accepts pages. That's why it's not accepting that URL.

    As an alternative you can use a Facebook Badge:

  7. viccobbfountain

    So what is a "page" url? How does it differ from a profile url? How can I find it? Sorry to be so dense.

  8. It's not a question of changing the URL so that it works.

    You have a Facebook profile and the widget only accepts pages. That's the problem. If you want to know more about the difference between profiles and pages, I suggest you review Facebook's help documents.

  9. viccobbfountain

    Thanks, airodyssey. I get it now.

  10. You're welcome :-)

  11. So I am looking for a solution to this problem as well....

    I recently tried to add the Facebook 'Like' Button to my Blog's homepage (post). I had the entire blog set up with Links on the right and the post in the middle to left. Now that I've messed with some things it messed up my links. They've disappeared and the Facebook error is appearing in my link section. If I go to the links area of my Dashboard they are all there correctly.

    What do I do to get rid of the Facebook part on the right of my screen and to make my links REappear???

    Also, is there an easy way to add the Facebook 'Like' button to my homepage of my blog??? I'm a 23 year old blonde! lol Creating the website was hard enough, now all these codes?!? If there isn't an easy way, or someone can't do it for me, then I would just rather my site be back to its original state.


  12. @bullybabiesofinc: I don't see the Facebook Like Box Widget on your blog, so your issue appears to be different. For that reason and for the sake of organization, would you mind creating a new topic please by clicking on the link below? Thanks.

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