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    Hi all,

    I’ve posted the Face “like” widget on the right-hand side of my blog, but for some reason the faces of those F-book users who’ve liked the page don’t show up. Sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not.

    Any idea how to correct this problem and have the Facebook “like” widget appear normally?

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is transatlanticobserver.wordpress.com.



    I’m having the same problem on BillyMoses.com (BillyMoses.WordPress.com).


    Anybody have any ideas about how to resolve this issue? Thanks!


    Do you have a Facebook “page” for your blog? It only works with a “page”, not with a regular Facebook account.


    Yes, I have a facebook page, and I’ve entered the page’s URL in the appropiate field in the widget.



    All widget data is cached. This is third party data and it’s cached and it will take time to update and rectify.


    And that means what exactly in layman’s speak? The data from the Facebook page is saved on wordpress and must be updated by transferring new data from Facebook to wordpress again?



    The data that comes from Facebook is cached ie. it is stored and is not immediately reflected in the widget.


    ah, okay. so there’s no way to proactively fix the problem then?



    That said I have tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    i’m subscribed. thanks.



    You have the ‘Show Faces’ option unselected in your https://transatlanticobserver.wordpress.com/wp-admin/widgets.php . Please select that option in order to show Facebook avatars.


    Yes, I do now. I unselected the faces option, after the faces stopped showing up when I had the option selected. In addition, even when I have the faces option unselected, the like widget still doesn’t show up properly sometimes.



    Could you please enable the option so we can check if it’s working correctly?

    If you keep encountering issues you could try clearing out your browser cache.



    Okay, I just re-selected the option for the faces. But like I said, the problem also occurs even if the option is deselected. Using either option the widget doesn’t always appear correctly.



    I took a look and everything is working properly.

    As mentioned before, please try clearing out your browser cache if you encounter any issues. Or test a different browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to see if you also encounter the problem there.

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