Facebook widget stops working when logged in

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    The facebook like box widget only works when the viewer is not logged on to facebook, both in safari and firefox. As soon as the person logs in, even when the fb page is not up, the widget on the blog stops working and just shows an empty space.
    What do you see http://lycklighast.wordpress.com/ ?
    Have I done something wrong or is it wordpress, or facebook?

    The blog I need help with is lycklighast.wordpress.com.




    I went to lycklighast.wordpress.com and I saw only a white space. I did not see the widget at all. So, I went to my blog and added the widget. I then logged into my Facebook. I used Google Chrome to view my blog. I also have a white space. But, I have a label on mine (that I added in the widget’s preferences). The label will link to my Facebook. I even tweaked ALL of my settings. Nothing changes. Maybe you could try adding a label. At least it would be a clickable link. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

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