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FACEBOOK widget width not conforming to sidebar width.

  1. The Facebook Widget is displaying wider than the Sidebar width. What is the method used to make the Facebook Widget width match the width of the other content in the sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use a theme with a wider sidebar.

  3. Raincoaster, with all due respect for the help you constantly provide people here, that recommendation is appallingly ridiculous.

    I (and some helpers around here in the forums) spent a lot of time very recently getting my custom design up and running. Tonight, I visited my blog and found that the facebook like box suddenly would not go to a width narrower than 300 px. (I went to my dashboard and tried to change it back.) That means it's not usable and there is NO WAY I am redoing all that work and changing my theme just because one widget suddenly does not fit.

    I doubt I am alone...

    What was wrong with allowing a narrower like box?

  4. Nothing at all, but it doesn't exist.

    You are at liberty to use a narrower widget if you can put the code in a Text Widget.

    If what you're reporting is that a previously-X-sized widget is now Y-sized, then it will expedite getting the correct answer if you say so up front.

    You have NO idea how many people routinely want to embed 560px wide YouTubes in 300 px sidebars.

  5. Actually, I can imagine how many people want to embed the 560 PX. I generally find it wise to never underestimate the technical errors people (including myself) can make.

    Thanks for the idea about the text widget. I'll have to decide between that and having a Facebook/Twitter page again.

    (FYI: I'm not the OP. I joined this thread because it was current and on the same topic. In other words, there may be more folks coming with the same gripe.)

  6. I am having the same issue! I have 7 wordpress sites all using different themes and in everyone of them my facebook widget that was once set to 250px is now set to 300px and is showing outside the sidebar. When I attempt to change it back to 250px in the dashboard it auto corrects the width to 300px once I hit save. The height still works fine. Any ideas? Its obviously an issue with the wordpress host. Because every one of my sites and bumblepuppies site is doing the same thing,

  7. I have now tagged this thread "bugs" and "Widgets" and "modlook" so presumably staff looking for bugs, widget issues, or threads that need staff attention will find it.

  8. Thank you raincoaster! It seems to be a global issue because all the sites I'm currently browsing that are using the same widget have the same issue.

  9. Yep, seems that way. Seems silly to make a change like that, which is clearly going to cause formatting problems, but then again it IS traditional here to make arbitrary changes on a Friday evening.

  10. I couldn't see wordpress changing the widget option to only allow a size that is outside the siderbar on at least 5 different themes I'm currently using, but like you say it could be their way of making my Friday night a little more interesting. Maybe I should thank them. Thanks again for your help!

  11. malinehphotography

    I hope this will be fixed. :)

  12. I have the same problem. writing it here so i can follow what is going on with it.

  13. Yep, also having the same problem on multiple WP sites... It's made the sidebar look horrendous. Hopefully it's sorted out sharpish!

  14. RE: ALL
    First, I thank all of you for your participation in this issue
    Second, I'd like to get some opinions if you'd be willing to consider something rather peculiar. The Facebook widget went to the 300px width after I created an image link on the blog sidebar ( to my Facebook page, Considering the sensitive nature of the content on my blog(s), do you think this may have been done with a political bent?
    My other blog is

  15. I've used the "Facebook Like Box" widget on my blog for a long time now, and have always had the width set to 180px. Like many of the other posters above, the widget settings suddenly and inexplicably reset to 300px, and now the widget will not allow any narrower dimensions to be used.

    I hope this bug will be corrected soon -- I've removed the widget for the time being, as it was unsightly to have the box spilling over the sidebar.

  16. Same here! It drives me crazy that it won't get any narrower than 300 px! Please WordPress can you fix this?

  17. The theme that I'm using (Chateau) has enough sidebars at the bottom to allow it to be displayed across several narrow side bars. You can see what I did a { This is only temporary of course.

    Thanks for the participation.

  18. I just tried to create a facebook like box in a text widget and it did not work, once I create the iframe code and paste it in the text widget the code disappears when i hit save. This used to work but it looks like it does not work for the latest version of wp. The tutorial I'm referring to is here:

    I do hope they fix this soon!!

  19. Same problem as jetmediainc - the Facebook Like Widget is "stucked" at 300px and I can't change it. I am normally using 200px widged and the current result is... ugly

  20. Facebook has made some major changes over the past four days. This may or may not be related (although you'd think coding would override it). Hang tight and wait for staff to fix it.

  21. Glad I'm not the only one with a sloppy side bar. Will check daily to see if this problem has been addressed. Thanks!

  22. Thanks Raincoaster.

    I would think Facebook would have contractual authority on the presentation and display of their product so I understand that WP may have to do some negotiating.

    Will B. Payshent

  23. Hi folks,

    This should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.

  24. Hi eurello,
    unfortunately it is still too wide. you can see here :
    no matter what size i define for the widget - its appearance stay the same too wide.
    you can see it here

  25. Resolved on all my sites! Thanks eurello!

  26. malinehphotography

    Thanks!!!! Happy, happy!!

  27. Yes, thank you. I fixed it last night and forgot to reply with a thank you!
    Much appreciated!

  28. Orit.Sha - It looks the same width as your other widgets. Were you able to fix this?

  29. Thanks for the fix.

    Now is there any chance you could add some followers to my Facebook account? I had actually just re-connected it very recently...

  30. Hi eurello - thanks for your check. Now it's ok . thank you (:

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