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    I did: allow facebook and wordpress to do whatever they wanted in order to get along, publicise, have access to eachother i said yes to it all.

    I saw: a strange gridlock in which every link which navigates away from simply viewing my blog leads me to the facebook “allow wordpress acess question” one i have already allowed and one which when i press allow again says “error” if i dont allow it comes back again.
    apart from viewing my blog and acessing support i cannot do anything else.

    i have tried removing all trace of wordpress to start again on facebook to no avail, the traces cannot be deleted, i have tried deleting all cache and cookies but apparently the love hate bond between WP and FB goes beyond cache and cookies.

    I expected: this not to happen.

    please help
    either you could help me marry off the two in great joy and harmony or we have a nice clean divorce and pretend the two never met.

    yours in desperation

    ps before tonyt i didnt know what a cache or cookie was.

    The blog I need help with is chloegosling.wordpress.com.



    Have you considered going directly to Staff with your problem? That’s what I would do. Here’s the link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

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