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Facebook's effect on

  1. Hello. I am surprised I can't fine any threads on this topic. With the current changes on Facebook, including the Timeline and its layout, I am wondering what the effect will be for bloggers on I can think of one: readers will spend more time on Facebook in the beginning. What can satisfied bloggers like me do to retain our "market share" (please pardon the expression). Your thoughts? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This Ideas Forum is for making suggestions to staff regarding future improvements, features and functions. If you would like to discuss the changes at Facebook with other bloggers you can do that in the Off-Topic Forum. I will flag this thread so our Moderators move it to that forum for you.
    P.S. I also have a post on my blog you may wish to read and comment on.

  3. Privacy Issues are a major concern. Every new change FB comes up with, I have go back and edit all my privacy settings. It's ridiculous. And now this new live feed/ticker box tracks all comments and discussions. I can even see comments from people who I'm not friends with.

  4. Privacy issues, yes, but I am also wondering if there is any subliminal stuff in the new FB design that programmers can detect and share with bloggers, just so we can be aware. Am I paranoid? I notice my blog posts automatically go to FB for readers to link to, but there is no "share" button from FB.

  5. Privacy issues aside, people spending more time on FB is a good thing. I don't see Facebook competing with WordPress, I see Facebook complementing Shimworld blog. New posts shared on FB with traffic coming back to WP. Is this your concern?

  6. Because this is not a technical question, I'll move this to the Off Topic forum for the discussion to continue.

  7. Thank you everybody. I was looking for comments by developers as well. And how FB affects WP if at all. I'll go to Off Topic and read TT's post. Thanks again.

  8. Well, it seems that a post is extremely unlikely to appear in people's timelines unless it has at least one Like now, so there is now more reason than ever to have a sock puppet account. That's not a good thing.

  9. @raincoaster, I see that my blog posts currently appear on my FB timeline (preview version). From what you said, I can Like each one myself and that would be at least 1, correct? I enjoy FB and that I can get my wordpress blog posts to transfer there (currently). I wouldn't like FB as much if my wordpress blog failed to appear, for that IS my timeline. I like how FB presumably can drive traffic to my blog. WHAT is a sock puppet account? Thank you.

  10. Definition of Sockpuppet account

  11. According to a Mashable article

    For those not in the loop: Facebook is making sharing even easier by automatically sharing what you’re doing on Facebook-connected apps. Instead of having to “Like” something to share it, you’ll just need to click “Add to Timeline” on any website or app, and that app will have permission to share your activity with your Facebook friends.

    Funny thing is, the last time I click on a post to "Add to Timeline" out of sheer curiosity, I swear that post disappeared from my screen and left a hole in between timelines and it's something you cannot undo.

  12. With these apps you’re automatically sending anything you read into your Facebook news feed. No “read” button. No clicking a “like” or “recommend” button. As soon as you click through to an article you are deemed to have “read” it and all of your Facebook friends and subscribers will hear about it. ... Facebook calls this ‘frictionless sharing’.

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