Facilitating RSS subscription for readers

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    Is there anything I need to do to make it easy for people to subscribe to my blog

  • insightanalysis.wordpress.com
  • via RSS?

    The wordpress documentation on feeds

  • http://en.support.wordpress.com/feeds/
  • says “Your feeds are created automatically unless you mark your blog as private.”

    But I notice that I am not getting any syndicated feeds in my stats. This could be because people who read my blog either don’t want updates, or they know they will get prompted via Twitter (or LinkedIn) when I’ve posted something.

    Or it could be because I’m not doing something that I should do, to make it easier for people.

    Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is insightanalysis.wordpress.com.



Hardly anyone uses feeds nowadays. Even teh geeks I know read the blogs themselves, because feed reader technology hasn’t advanced in at least three years.

If you want to facilitate feed readers, though, use the Meta widget, the RSS widget with your own RSS feed in it, or make a new RSS widget using the normal RSS icon and a text widget.



Thanks. If you can think of any good examples to look at, that would be useful. (What are you doing up at this hour…?! :-)



Good examples of what? I’ve got the RSS widget in my own sidebar, but since it’s not really very customizable, there’s no point in looking at a lot of examples: they’ll all look the same.

I’m ALWAYS up now.



I don’t know about “hardly anyone using feeds”. I follow a number of blogs by putting them in google reader, and putting a google reader gadget on my home page. If anyone posts I see the post title on my home page. That said, I always follow the link to the blog and read it there rather than in reader.

Another thing to remember is that Google Reader and other aggregators will aggregate reads, so one syndicated read on your stats might be seen by dozens of people.

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