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Faded look

  1. I am using Triton Lite theme. So the images on the home page is set to a faded look. One has to hover over the image to see the original color. How do i remove this faded look?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. and this is my site url

  3. spoiledfruitsofempire

    Hi Joshi - it looks as if you found the answer to your question. How did you do it? Your site is beautiful by the way



  4. After a lot of struggle was able to do that. Just added this opacity:1!important;

    and glad that you liked my site :)

  5. spoiledfruitsofempire

    Thanks Joshi. I was hoping to be able to do it without buying access to the CSS. Ah well ... it may be worth it.

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it.


  6. your are welcome and yeah css upgrade is worth ;)

  7. spoiledfruitsofempire

    Yes, I think you might be right. I just tried to preview your code in my CSS window and it's not making a difference. Did you enter it like this:



  8. Your's is a different theme and the code i sent removes the fading.

  9. I have the same problem. I use triton lite and it is not working. My blog is

  10. @fahrenbite do you have the CSS upgrade?

  11. Hi Joshi , can you please help me to remove the faded look from the homepage ? My Blog here is the link to my page

  12. hi,

    do u have a css upgrade active?

  13. Yes Joshi i do have ,, but i am bit new on that :)

  14. no issues u just have to add this:

    .lay1 > div .imgwrap {<br /> opacity:1!important;<br /> filter:alpha(opacity=100)!important;<br /> }

  15. That helped me Joshi Thank you so much :) and your website looks wonderful :)

  16. you are welcome and happy to that u liked my website and your theyyam colection is so cool :)

  17. Thanks Dear :)

  18. Joshy sorry to bug you again , is there any way to reduce the size of icons ( feature image ) and its caption on the homepage ? mine looks pretty bigger

  19. change the width according to ur wish:

    .featured-posts {<br /> clear:both;<br /> position:relative;<br /> overflow:hidden;<br /> width:950px;<br /> }

    u want to reduce the font size of the title of the featured post or the caption/text with it?

  20. Guess i am bit confused about the terminology ,, i wish to reduce the font size of the caption of articles and icons of images along with them

    ie now on my blog only one article is kept as features on the above slider area , but the remain blogs like theyam etc are much bigger in size.

  21. .featured .entry-title {<br /> color: #fff;<br /> width: 300px;<br /> max-width: 90%;<br /> padding: 10px 10px 10px 20px;<br /> te: uppercase;<br /> font-size: 12px;<br /> }<br /> .featured .entry-summary {<br /> background: url('images/trans.png');<br /> color: #eee;<br /> width: 588px;<br /> padding: 10px 10px 10px 20px;<br /> }

    edit the above for caption and title size changes and the other part is not clear to me!

  22. Joshy Thank you so much for your time , as last i will try to explain you here again.

    1. i want to change the font color of Features image caption on the slider area

    2. i wish to reduce the Size of caption and its features image of the articles listed below the slider. For example , Theyam Article , i need to reduce its caption " Theyam the Face Malabar " to a smaller font size and its Features image size to a lower aspect.

  23. Ok. so you are talking about the posts in home page.
    The height of the images is automatically adjusted. if u want you can change it. but will make it distorted.

    anyway to change the font size caption and all here are the codes.

    .lay1 > div .postitle a {<br /> font-size:17px;<br /> }</p> <p>.lay1 > div p {<br /> font-size: 12px;<br /> }

    find the above elements and add the font-size u like to have :)

  24. Oh man that really works ! Thanks a lot ,, is there any way to change the color of the text content of slider post ( Featured post ) , for me now its white and which cannot visible on the contrast of background

    If you don't mind :)

  25. you are welcome :)
    check for this one:

    .featured .entry-title a,.featured .entry-title a:hover {<br /> color:#000;<br /> text-decoration:none;<br /> }

    change the color to what you wish to ;)

  26. Excellent :) Thanks a lot bro !! you just helped me at your best

    Wishing you all the very best :)

  27. glad that i could help you and all the best for you too :)

  28. Joshi :) Hope you doing good ,, i am here to disturb you again for a small help ,, any codes with you to change the fontcolor of the article content in the blog ?

  29. Awesome site you've got, Joshi :) May I know how do you display just the blog post title (and not the rest of the text) on the main page? Thanks in advance!

  30. Hello Joshi, congrats with your blog! Very nice! I'm wondering if you could give me a tip on mine hehe...
    I'd want to change the width of the blog, make the display area narrower... Do you know how can I do that?

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