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Faded look

  1. @ranadivenk

    .lay1 > div p {<br /> color:#666;<br /> }

    .lay1 > div .post-content {<br /> color:#666;<br /> }

  2. @osanpocraft thank you.

    .triton-lite-excerpt {

  3. @danielkons1 you seem to have found the solution :)

  4. Thanks alot Joshi :)

  5. Yes, thanks Joshi!
    But (sorry to bother!) if you could share how you changed the color (or oppacity, I don't know...) of the date and comments counts on home page, I'd appreciate a lot!

  6. @danielkons1

    check for these codes and replace the color according to your taste:
    <br /> .lay1 > div .date-meta {<br /> background:#000;<br /> color: #fff;<br /> font-style: italic;<br /> padding: 5px;<br /> position: absolute;<br /> top: 10px;<br /> right: 0;<br /> }<br /> }<br /> .date-meta a {<br /> color:#fff;<br /> text-decoration: none;<br /> }</p> <p>.lay1 > div .block-comm a {<br /> background:#000;<br /> color: #fff;<br /> display: block;<br /> font-style: italic;<br /> text-decoration: none;<br /> }

  7. Thank you very much! And sorry again for the bother...
    Regards :]

  8. looks fantastic! I love the self-portrait in the header area.

  9. @designsimply thank you so much :)

  10. Hey guys...I no absolutely nothing about blogging- just started. I want to do two things...

    1. remove the faded look. (I don't know what a CSS upgrade means)

    2. Stop my images from appearing twice!

    Thanks for any helps you might be able to offer!


  11. @jahnell
    The CSS or Custom design upgrade that allows you to do CSS editing is a paid upgrade.

  12. 2. Stop my images from appearing twice!

    Your images are appearing twice on the Triton Lite home page because you've added image HTML code as an excerpt in addition to displaying an image at the top of the content area and Triton Lite will display both.

    To fix this in your theme, open a post where images are displaying double, like this one:

    Remove this from the Excerpt box:

    <img src="" alt="9 Streets, Amsterdam" class="size-full wp-image-20" />

    Save changes.

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