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fading images uploaded from BlogDesk then gone

  1. I have been using BlogDesk and loving it. However, the last four posts I made to over the course of the last two days all presented me with the same belated problem, a problem that never happened using BlogDesk in the past.
    The files uploaded perfectly with the photos and text wrapping just so and all was well, for awhile. About an hour later I noticed the images had vanished [she said recalling her past experinences with the come and go widgets with trepidation].
    I edited the posts and the image codes were there but the images weren't so I uploaded them all over again through the wordpress editor.
    This was not the case before so has something been changed at this end to cause this mysterious and annoying "image fading"?

  2. bump to sysadmin

  3. Which posts are you looking at? I see images on 2 of your last posts.

  4. I replaced them by uploading them again through wordpress rather than leaving the holes there.

  5. @drmike

    I have just uploaded an image through BolgDesk and at this point in time all is well and good you can see it here
    however because I have a hunch it may fade away I edited the same post after publication, I uploaded the same image without placing it in the post becuae it is there right now. I did this so if and when it fades away I'll be able to fix it quickly. So this could be reffered to as a "trial run".

  6. My hunch was right on it's gone so now I'm doing it again throught wordpress.

  7. Hello TimeThief,

    I posted on the same issue here:

  8. Thanks,
    I tailgated you. This fading image from BlogDesk thing has been going on for months. I simply gave up putting the images in via BlogDesk. I upload the post as a draft and then edit and upload the image through wordpress. I would be *ecstatic* if this was "fixed". :)

  9. Hi,

    I have the impression the problem has been solved!
    I didn't have any issues any more with my latest postings.

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Thanks to our wordpress staff who fixed this. You rock!

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