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Fail to import xml files from xanga

  1. When I upload file from xanga it says it is not an xml file.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you have imported one of your .xml files in your Xanga export file. Did you run into this error when trying a second import?

    For further instructions on how to do a Xanga import, please see:

    Note that you must open the .zip export folder you get from Xanga and import ALL of the files included in the .zip folder individually.

  3. In fact, I imported the xml file through the "WordPress" path, not the "xanga" path because the latter is not successful. It shows "it is not an xml file" every time when I do the upload.

    May I know if I can import the remaining xml files by this way? Will it work?

    And if it work, please let me know how to get it published as I cannot find information from


  4. You can use either the WordPress or Xanga inporter. You might also try a different browser if you're having issues.

  5. hello, when i imported the 8th file, i received an email saying that there was an error while performing my blog import to

    when i tried to import files again, the page shown "Processing…"

    please help fix the problem. Thanks a lot!

  6. I've reset the importer for you. Please see if it works for you now.

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