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Failed import from blogger?

  1. I imported my blog from blogger yesterday and it didn't do a complete download. I reset and cleared it this morning and started it again...and it's still going. I'm not sure what to do. I have about 120 posts and around 230 comments. Any help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. darnelldibbles

    Hey there -

    I will flag this thread for staff assistance. They can reset your importer for you.

    Here is further support on how to import from blogger:

  3. Thank you! I assume them resetting the importer is different that doing it from my dashboard?

  4. I have reset the importer for you.

    I see that you have 73 posts in the trash, which may have occurred when you tried reimporting your content. If you restore all of those posts, everything available on your blog should show up as normal now.

  5. Hi, Jackie! When I started the import, I accidentally directed ALL of my blogspot blogs into this one wordpress one. I stopped it and then just selected the one I needed. That seems to be where the problem started. The posts that are in the trash are the ones that were from the wrong blog. :/ Sorry to make it so complicated! I will try it again right now, thank you for your help! :)

  6. Does anyone know how long it takes to import? It's still going. :/

  7. If your Blogger blog was large, it can take a while to import.

    Sometimes the connection with Blogger causes issues, and when that happens, the best solution is to do a "manual" import. Download your blog's export file from Blogger and then import it by selecting the file in the Blogger importer window.

    Please let me know if the import has gotten stuck again, and I can reset it for you and you can try the manual process.

  8. OMG Thank you!!! It finally imported them all. You made my day!! :)

  9. That's great! I'm glad it worked for you this time. :)

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