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Failed Upgrade To Domain Name

  1. Hi there,

    I need assistance in getting my domain name updated from to - I have paid for the upgrade, and despite clicking several times to update I am now seeing an error message stating that my upgrade has expired. I don't understand how my upgrade can expire. I would like the fee that I payed to be applied to this upgrade as soon as possible.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Sonya. directs me to your blog just fine. It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to reflect everywhere around the world (this is normal).

    I recommend that you follow the step below to ensure that your new domain name effectively replaces your old address. (step 5)

    As for the message saying your upgrade expired, I tagged this thread so that staff takes a look.

  3. Thanks I made it the primary link too and it stated that it had updated. Thx it should work now. Yes it would be good for staff to take a look at the expiry date - it was confusing...thx for getting back to me so quickly. Awesomeness!

  4. Hi now I have another issue which may or may not be linked, as it were. I am getting a redirect loop when I try to go to my page. I have cleared the cache, and cookies and followed everything I need to on the Google Chrome end of things and it hasn't solved the problem. Any idea why this is happening? The address is coming up with any www. - I imagine that might be part of the problem.


  5. There is no domain mapping issue here. Your blog is correctly redirecting for me here in Canada.

    Before Upgrading – Important Notes automatically removes the “www” from all URLs. Mapping the “www” is not supported.

    All "www" URLs are seamlessly directed to the domain without the "www".

  6. Thanks that's helpful - any ideas on how to stop the redirect loop? Thx!

  7. I believe you just have to wait while things settle down.

  8. Hi guys, I am still getting the redirect loop error, although I was able to get into my dashboard, I am wondering based something I just read if this is an ftp issue as well and I need to delete from my hard-drive and the root of the server. Would rather avoid that if I don't need to do it.

    Since I am in my dashboard is there a way for me to correct the redirect loop error from inside the dashboard?


  9. Howdy Sonya, sorry that you are running into issues with your domain.

    I looked into your domain mapping setup it seems to be working great from where I am on the internet. When you write that you have a redirect loop error, what message are you seeing - what exactly does it say? It would be helpful if you could post a screenshot somewhere (e.g. using this service).

    Regarding the expiration error message - could you please let us know where you are seeing it and what exactly does it say? I checked your Domains page and your domain name is not expiring until 2012.

    Thanks in advance for the additional info - it will help us look into details for you.

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