Failure when import all from my ohter blog

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    I have an old and a new From the old one I exported all to my computer and now I tried to import this to my new blog. Both my blogs is in swedish, but I have used your “how to do”, and done as:

    Admin panel > Tools > Import.

    But it don’t work. I received your message:
    “We are sorry, but there was an error while performing your blog import to …”

    Please contact support, and we’ll get everything fixed”.

    Now I’m here, but don’t know how to do?
    I can also say, that I first got a message to wait for an answer by e-mail, but nothing more happened. Then I did a new attempt to import, after changed to the same e-mail addresses for both my blogs, since the different e-mail addresses not is ok? Nothing happen … I don’t get any message since last evening when i did my second attempt to transfer.
    Please help me. How to do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not to worry. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    I have manually reset your blog importer. Please try again.



    Thank you very much, timethief and jackiedana! After your manually reset jackiedana, I could import my file!

    You also ask me for, from where I had export the xml-file. It was from my old “”. I can’t see which version this wordpress is and couldn’t find how to update it. At last I got an alternative – to open a new blog and import all from my old one. Then I get the problem close to import …

    Before this happen, I got another really serious problem. Suddenly all my pages was picked away and my new blog was suddenly empty. :-( Of cause I had done something wrong, no doubt … This failure happened when I was in the beginning, so not a big problem for me, but – if it happen again when I have built my new blog and have a lot of contents, pictures and so on … So of cause, I am very interested to now, how such can happen, and how to avoid such a crash once again :-(



    I see a number of pages at as well as at I’m not sure what you mean by pages being picked away, unless you just meant your import didn’t work the first time.



    Before I imported, I had made a hierarchy of pages. Suddenly after problem, I only could see the start page. Now it’s no problem, since all is ok now after you helped me to import! I see, it’s not so easy for you jackiedana to know what’s happend. Now all works fine and I think such a failure will not happen again. Perhaps something got wrong in connection to my attemp to update? Since you don’t know any thing here, I think such a failure is unusual, and will not happen again. Now I have started to fill up my pages and I seems to be more and more familiar with WordPress.

    Once again – thank you very much for valuable help with my import!



    You’re very welcome. :)

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