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"Fake" followers

  1. I've had a sudden surge in "followers". Many of the blogs are not in English, many seem to be nothing more than a page of advertising, and in many cases the page only says "Blog Not Found".

    My "followers" list has been a wonderful way to gauge the growth of my blog, because I don't publicize to Facebook, etc. Every new subscription has been an actual new reader.

    Now, that has gone by the wayside and the list is useless. Any information on why this has changed and what, if anything, can be done?

    The ability to block followers would be wonderful. Any chance of that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot remove them.

  3. Well, I knew we couldn't, TT, but I sure wish we could.

    It's a shame for a tool that's so useful to be so easily undermined. At this point, the number is meaningless. ;(

    It just surprised me to see this happening so suddenly, and for the numbers to be so significant.

  4. We have like button spammers we cannot delete either.

  5. Yup. But that's never been an issue for me, as I don't publicize those anyway or pay much attention to the numbers.

    Oh, well. Go with the flow, as they say. ;)

  6. I don't use Publicize either.

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