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    Whenever I make a new post lately, the photos in the post are being logged as separate page views and visitors in my stats. So today I had 2 visitors but it’s showing 16 visitors and 17 views. The ‘post and pages’ viewed shows a list of all the images in my post as the pages viewed. It’s a little annoying because my blog is new and I am keeping tabs on my traffic, and it really skews my stats. Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is tinydreamspgh.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    I’m happy to take a closer look at the post in question. Could you send me a link?

    This page is really good at explaining the differences between a visitor and a view. https://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/#views-and-visitors


    Thanks for your help! Is there a way to post a screen shot of my stats? I am not sure if my blog link will help, but it is tinydreamspgh.wordpress.com

    I am getting a false (inflated) # of both views and visitors.



    Hi there,

    I don’t see anything weird on your Stats. Also, can you please explain how you determined that you had 2 visitors while the stats were showing 16?


    Thanks for checking this out. When I make a new post, I check my stats often and my blog is new so I usually get just a couple hits. I can tell the stats are inflated because of the Posts viewed list. When I get my first visit the image names in the post are listed as pages viewed and counted in the stats. My last post had 15 images and when one person visited, the posts viewed area listed the filenames of all of the images as though they were different pages. This happens every time I make a post. The image views are generating extra visits and views.



    @tinydreamspgh if folks are clicking image attachment pages those do count as separate views.

    Did you have images set up to show attachment pages on that post? Or have they always just been images without any links?


    Thank you for the suggestion…none of my images are links. Nothing happens if you click on them. Even if this was the issue, I should not be seeing 16 visitors on a day when my blog post is only showing 2 views. I am looking at may 15 as the example. The same thing happens each time I post. The first viewer adds views and visits x how many images are in the post.



    This is very fascinating, does this always happen, or just occasionally?

    I visited the post in question https://tinydreamspgh.wordpress.com/2019/05/15/the-beautifully-bizarre-art-dolls-of-pasha-setrova/ just now and scrolled through the whole post, and the only view recorded for me was just on the post.

    I wonder if the visitor in question was using a screen reader or some sort of other accessibility software that would have paged through the available images individually.


    Yes, it happens every time I post but it seems to only happen for the first viewer. For example, with my post on May 3, you can see that I had 7 visitors and 7 views, but 6 of the 7 views were the image filenames. And the post was only viewed 1 time so it wouldn’t make sense for me to have had 7 visitors – even if the photos for some reason counted as views. No one could see the photos and be a visitor without clicking on the post so I know that there was only 1 visitor but it reads as 7.



    Interesting, we don’t see this on any other sites, so at the moment my best guess is a visitor is using a screen reader or some sort of other accessibility software that would have paged through the available images individually.

    Especially since this isn’t happening for any other visitors on your site, I can’t imagine any other cause.


    Thank you for looking into this!

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