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Family blog

  1. I have 10 family members and want a site where these members can post comments, news, and photographs to share with the other family members. I want to control access to the site to specific users and decide when to add specific members.
    Also, when someone posts on the site, I would like for members to receive an email.
    Is WordPress appropriate for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Very appropriate here (and still free)

    Set the blog to Private

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Read >> only those I choose

    Then you invite only those you want to view the blog - they will need their own account here but not a blog -

    You can also add people as Contributor - that means they can write a Post but the Admin needs to approve the Post before it is published - then once published they can't change the Post

  3. PS - yes members can receive an email when a Post is published - but they must subscribe to the blog to get the email (you will need to put the subscribe Widget in the Sidebar)

    Set the email content to summery

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Read >> For each article in a feed, show

    That has only the first 75 words of a Post show in the email so they need to visit the blog to see the whole Post

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