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Family members & closest friends know about your blog(s)?

  1. I haven't sent him to the page. I don't think he'd be interested in fashion, or 'what we did today', especially if he was there!

    He doesn't need to be interested in everything that you do, but it is a part of you and you are spending probably enough time blogging. Why not show him? Will he love you less? It's all part of you: he's your love you whole and as you are.

    I actually disagree especially for one's spouse/partner to keep a blog secret from them. Why? A relationship needs to be strong enough so it won't fall apart, just because you may write something on a blog that s/he disagrees.

    This is why my family members and close friends know my blogs, if they are interested: some of the stuff really does express partially the "essence" of me.

  2. dreamreflector

    Only one of my friends reads my blog, and that was merely because she kept bugging me about giving her the link. I have a few friends that now I have a blog but don't know the name. No one in my family knows.
    I want to keep it that way too, because I want people reading the blog to not have any prior knowledge about me.
    Then again the risk of some one I know Irl finding my blog is rather minimal, since WordPress is not that popular in Finland and I don't even write in Finnish.

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