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Family trees.... how?

  1. My blog is about my mother's family history. I would love to be able to somehow include a sizeable family tree diagram somewhere. I'm not sure if, or how, I could do this with my account. Currently, I have a couple of tiny trees as jpgs on a separate tab from my main page but they are rather minimalist :-) Any ideas would be helpful... Cheers, Karen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    You can upload a family tree image into either a static page or a post that does not exceed the maximum displayed image width for the Twenty Ten theme. To retain the best image quality possible avoid using the WordPress cropper. Instead optimize and presize your .jpg image to fit offline, prior to uploading it into your blog.

  3. Hi Timethief

    Thank you replying :-). I was hoping to do something elegant like attach a file but this is probably impossible for my account. I do have a couple of small trees as .jpgs on a static page but I guess I will have to play around with image sizes until I can find one that will do the job whilst being legible at maximum size. Thank you again... time for experimenting! K

  4. You could use a word-processing program then print a PDF file (might be able to upload the file directly) to Scribd then insert the file from Scribd. I have used Scribd a bit but have not tried a large document - would be a bit like looking into a window and visitors would need to scroll around on your document - and the Scribd document could be downloaded.

  5. ~~auxclass
    Good afternoon. :)

  6. ~~TT - morning morning - been a bit busy with a boating safety presentation for the boat show in January - needed to get it almost done so it could be reviewed - it's looking good - and needed a new track-ball today - wore the old one out and it was very tough to spin the ball part - wore flat spots on part of the supports - new one spins GREAT -

    now I have new thing to check on Scribd to see if my advice above is valid or if there is some sort of scaling that is done -

    take care

  7. I made a tabloid (11x17 inch) document using Open Office Draw and uploaded it to Scribd - took the link from Scribd and put it in a test site - the document was scaled down to the width of the Post - the document can be scaled and scrolled around - there is a view full width of the Browser window.

    Scribd will take many document formats - so use one you like on your PC and you want real text not a graphic program (text will be easier to read)

  8. Because the blog columns are laid out vertically, you could do this with HTML but it would be really tricky. I've done something like this in the past, but diagrams and PDFare a more elegant way around it unless each name has to be a link to a page.

  9. ~~RC - I just put a link in my Tabloid test document - Open Office Draw and the link survived the revision being uploaded to the test Post - so they could embed links in the Draw Document to individual Pages or Posts in their Blog -

    So I think they are good to go with NO fancy code stuff -

  10. Well, I really hate to be the dumb bunny at the back of the class but I missed Scribd 101 and I have no idea about Tabloid or Open Office Draw either. I can, however, generate a chart from within Family Historian (my genealogical software) then use PrimoPDF to print a PDF file. After that, welll... I have no idea what to do but I will Google Scribd and have a play. Not sure after that. Watch this space :-). Thank you for the discussion peeps... I will report progress.

  11. You'll find Scribd quite easy to use, actually, and now that I think of it of course PDFs can have links, so if each family member has a post or page about him/her you can embed it right into the document.

  12. Raincoaster... Thank you. I am sounding incredibly stupid I know but I have never heard of Scribd before and so don't appreciate it's probable value. I can easily generate a PDF of a family tree chart but didn't know if my blog would allow me to put it on a static page, as I have done with .jpgs. I don't know what part Scribd would play in this exercise, although I'm not backwards when it comes to being forward with new software :-) Thank you for your patience - I'll give it a try and figure it out... K

  13. No, WP doesn't let you post it as an image on the blog; you can post it as a file, so you could highlight text and people could click to download the PDF.

    But if you simply upload the PDF to Scribd, then it displays. You can see it on my blog here:

  14. Did you bother to read the Scribd link above?

    Tabloid is the paper size (11x17) Open Office Draw is an open source drawing program - but you say you can generate the PDF file with the program you are using - so just follow the Scribd instructions for PDF documents.

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