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    Any possibility of enabling animation builders for the purposes of, for example mindmap/family trees?



    That’s a great suggestion. If you don’t find as it exists supports that, I would send a feedback. Geneology is one of the major forces driving the web, next to porn, quite frankly. There has got to be a lot of interest in this.



    Lorelle has written a whole “how-to” series on exactly this subject of geneology/family trees minus the animations bit so I recommend going to her blog and using the search box on it to locate the articles she has written.
    We can upload animations into blog posts, pages and text widgets. But if “animation builders” are software then wp programming is likely to strip the coding out. We are all working on a multi-user blogging platform (wp MU) here and that means that we are limited in what we can use. To protect security the wp programming will strip out coding that could effect other blogs.

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