Fanwood Light Theme Can't Remove Header Text

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    I have recently discovered the Fanwood Light theme and LOVE it for my current project. However, no matter what I do to uncheck the “Show header text with your image” checkbox (tried in both FF and Chrome), I cannot get the header text to diappear. Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is


    Yup, you’ve found a bug. I just confirmed that the header text cannot be hidden via the check box. The theme team monitors this forum and hopefully one of them will be around and address this shortly.


    That’s what I thought. My developer instincts kicked in to look at the CSS (I normally develop for self-hosted WP installs) and indeed it’s not hiding the image tags. Hopefully they’ll have it up to date soon!


    By image tags, I mean the text logo tag. It’s past my bedtime here, I should really stop posting! XD


    I should stop as well. My eyes are getting fuzzy. I’m sure they can have it fixed shortly once they see this thread and take a look.


    I am hoping to hear back from the theme developers soon on this bug in the Fanwood theme! It’s a shame for such a nice theme to not be able to display image-only headers.



    Hi there,
    Staff address threads tagged for their attention by dealing with the earliest dated threads and moving forward. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks, timethief. I wasn’t sure how the .com side of things work for theme bugs!



    Hi shiftingcurrents,

    Thank you for reporting the issue! I just released a fix for it and everything should work now as expected.




    Hi kobenland,

    This is still an issue for my blog, any idea when this will be resolved? or how to activate a fix?

    thank you,

    Simon Day




    Hi simonlmday,

    It looks like your header is displaying properly. Are you still having issues?



    I can’t edit my header text in Nishita, Comet, or Sempress.
    I can plaster pointless images all over it, but not update or redefine the blog as I please. Perhaps it would be simpler if there was a list of themes which did allow this simple function.
    Likewise, WordPress doesn’t seem to provide a simple URL links widget. Again, plenty of obscure and trendy interactions with my traffic, but no way of simply posting a permanent link to another blog or website.



    littlerichardjohn, you can modify your site title and tagline in your Dashboard under Settings > General:

    You can use the Links/Blogroll for a series of links you can include in your sidebar:

    Alternately you can use the Text Widget to add URLs (though you will need to insert HTML to make them hyperlinks).

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