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faq me

  1. how can i create a forum? can i create one?
    about that calendAR you never replied. why? come on i need help

  2. χαλάρωσε και να έχεις υπομονή πατρίδα από όσο ξέρω δεν έχει φόρουμ σίγουρα θα στο απαντήσουν οι υπεύθυνοι... αλλά ρίξε μια ματία στο μπορεί να σου αρέσει

    φιλικά Γιάννης

  3. I see a reply on your post about the calendar. Not sure how you missed it. It's theme dependant. Some themes have calendars and some don't.

    Currently we are unable to create forums as that requires a plug in and we are not allowed to install our own plug ins. Maybe they'll add this feature in the future. You may want to send in a feedback suggesting this.

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