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    This lesser techie orientated (I love that phrase!) would love to see something on setting up RSS using Feedburner. (and why do you go to Feedburner to set up RSS).


    Jo Anne



    Boblets – thanks for jump-starting my brain. Just a cheerful note re: vocabulary, and this:

    bubel – excellent. Be good to have a simple link to refer to (when pea-brains cannot do a simple search)

    The very newest sometimes can’t even search because they don’t have the vocabulary yet. Going through the FAQs helped me a lot, but this kind of glossary would be invaluable. When you’re entering any new culture, you need language skills, but vocabulary has to come first.

    Example: when I was teaching sailing, I gave a coil of line to a student and asked her to put it on the dock. In all seriousness she asked, “What’s a dock?” I stifled a laugh, but told her, “It’s that concrete thing you walked on to get to the boat.” She turned into a pretty good sailor, but we had to start at that basic level!

    Same thing with this world. I had to google “w00t” this morning!



    Some of the recent suggestions, although good, are getting away from the idea of a glossary.

    To get back to that idea, it’s worth remembering that some terms a have a WordPress-specific meaning and related-but-not-quite-the-same meaning. For example:
    * widget: more sidebar-specific in the WordPress context than in others
    * page: in WordPress, the thing you can write that isn’t a post; more generally, a web page (which might show a WordPress post).

    I’d prefer that the glossary give the WordPress term first, but not neglect the more general meaning.



    I have been thinking that a glossary of “blogbabble” (sorry) would be invaluable.

    I am confused about a lot of very basic blog vocabulary words but basic blog *concepts* are even more alien. The question isn’t only, “what are categories?” but what are categories for and how should I choose mine? Sorry but I don’t get the concept, so my posts have no categories.

    One of my most recent confusions was in not knowing the difference between a new browser window and a pop-up window, although I know the difference now.

    A lot about WordPress is intuitive but a lot of it is only comprehensible to users who are much more familiar with blog culture than I am, and/or much more computer savvy.

    Thanks for asking.



    good point, andrew.

    I’d like to add:
    -inline formatting

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