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Fascists in the wordpress???

  1. How can we accept the fact that one of the most well-visited blogs is this one owned by Chrisi Augi, an illegal neonazi group in Greece, responsible for many attackts on immigrants, etc?
    I think that wordpress-administration should take this report into account and check the site:
    Wordpress must stay far away from this unhuman ideas and practice.

    Yours faithfully
    Georgios Papanikolaou

  2. WordPress is a host giving everyone around the world a place to create a free blog. WordPress is not a governing body, is not a UN police force and is not a political or government agency involved in any world wide actions. WordPress is a server/host of free blogs.

  3. Censorship and facism often go hand in hand...just a thought.

  4. Chrisi Augi is NOT illegal and is NOT just a group. It is a legal political party in Greece and participated in elections many times. You'd better recheck your informations, mr Papanikolaou.

  5. this doesnt sound like a topic of help

  6. antifagr, please report the blog to support via, and NOT to this forum. We are nor staff and can't do anything to help you. I'm closing the topic.

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