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Fashion, Music, Photography and Shopping, Oh my!

  1. We have added links to our favorite places to get clothes, deals and the trendy, we've posted videos of our favorite music
    so check us out and tell us what you like about fashion, music and shopping, there's also a few regular segments on our blog.

    if you have a fashion, music, photography blog then come visit, exchange common interests, no spam, links other than your wordpress blog and only genuine comments

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where is the deal about photography, there ain't no nuthin about photography on your blog....
    Don't mislead pls

  3. And you might wanna scrap 'travel' too (saw that on the other thread), unless you mean travel to your favorite clothes store...

  4. There is no misleading our blog consist of "several" different things we post according to whats on our mind each post consist of one of what i mentioned above. How sad of you to say i`ve mislead somebody when we have'nt "our" blog does'nt have solely one niche...speaking of blogs how about you tend to yours... seem like you get many visitors on it because you sure are worried about everybodies are'nt you?


  5. Awww opps my bad after posting the previous reply i clicked your blog and seen that YOU DONT get many visitors to well no wonder you spend your time following people around in the forums like a lost soul. Well I hope you get a life and enjoy the rest of your day, perphaps you need some "photography to look at, "our" blog has plenty of it

  6. Well clearly the blog is not about photography nor travel, its swaggtalk (aka junk talk). And how do you know I don't get visitors? Unless you hacked my account... And let's face it,【most of your 'visitors' are your own 'team' members】(which I DID read, fell apart). But you have been littering the forum with your desperate-for-comment-please-visit-my-blog-advertising, Im just saying. Shows how popular your blog really is, it's called fooling yourself.

  7. Sorry for the double post. And I;m only following YOUR blog, isn't that what you wanted? I mean, it IS the nice neighborhood coffeehouse n all right? Or did it get shut down...? Oh my!

  8. I never said I blog was about "one specific theme or topic or niche or anything" now if you assumed it was, well guess what you know what they say about people who assume and please find where we said our visitors or our own f'king team members you've lost your mind with that.

    Its obvious your lonely (just like your blog) as far as hacking sorry dont know anything about that i`m a legitimate person and do on to people as I would want them to do on to me. I post maybe 2 or 3 times of week not to mention several of my post were geared towards the help and promotion of other peoples blog not ours.

    like this one

    I could add a few more, but hey whats the point its so obvious you have an issue (lol) as for littering i think not, but last time i checked you did'nt own this forum or have the right to tell me or anybody what they should post, how little or how much

    if you have a problem with any of it, simple solution...log-off

  9. I didn't say it should be a niche (we had this 'conversation' already), but its definitely not about photography (or travel). And then just like if I don't know your visitors are your own team members (but Im making a wild guess cus I did read your blog and most comments are your own team members, go figure huh), you also wouldn't know if I get visitors. And aren't you the saint with all your 'promotion', its called comment/random-hit-whoring (nothing wrong with it though). "...have the right to tell me", you retarded (sorry for my words) or sumthin? This is an open forum, douche.

    And if I ever get lonely, I'd give the mistress a f'.



  11. hehehe

  12. Gee I dont recall speaking with you before today (shows how important you are) as for our comments goes there's literally dozens of "different" commentors at least 8 to 10 that have wp blogs of their own and post in these forums as well. Your not a squid your a fly so buzz off I stated before if you have an issue with any of the above in regards to our blog or anybody else's ....simple solution....log-off

    I would've thought people were busy with their own blogs to worry about somebody else's....guess I was wrong haha yes we promote and not just on wp either so if our comments seem to be building up its because i`m currently in school, my neice is in school and webmaster works for an ad dept so we promote slightly in different places should try it sometimes - how about this you ignore me and ALL MY POST and stay OFF MY BLOG and i`ll mos def ignore you from now and hopefully your day will be great *giggles*

    adios squidink

  13. Well you were never known for your bright intelligence. Applaud for your dozens of DIFFERENT comments, *applaud!

    "Your not a squid your a fly so buzz off lol" ← ouch! *yawn

    I don't have an issue, well actually I do but totally unrelated to this, I'm JUST SAYING (can you read??? this is like the 3rd time Im typing this).

    No way, you can't be in school, now you're really pulling my leg. I mean, you and school...?

    And I put a comment in the beginning in regard to your false advertising. And you're as busy as me since we are sending back messages back 'n forth.

    And I cant really ignore it since you put it all out in the open in the FORUM.

    Pls don't ignore me, Ill get lonely, still need to give you a... err...

  14. speaking of false advertising

    THE hottest Japanese learning e-zine on the planet

    yeah right that has got to be literally straight from your own opinion...nobody else has vouch for that, whatever you think is just that no one really cares this is probably the most attention you've gotten all week and you know it.

    oh as for you typing something three really proved my point with that one
    redundant much?

    I have to ignore you squiddy - your no longer entertaining, cyber stalkers are so not cool and scare me...your next reply will be to yourself so go ahead, reply and show us all you actually DO have an issue ;)

  15. oooh thanks for visiting♪ It IS the hottest!! An 'opinion' is a different thing than 'saying you blog about something but it isn't so'. Anyways, that wasnt a good comeback, and totally irrelevent.

    "oh as for you typing something three「types」" ← need I say more? *grin

    "I have to ignore you squiddy" ← Nah you won't, you're still gonna read this (I KNOW). So we have the same issue it seems.


    check it out and sub! thanks for the support x

  17. Cool another fashion blog, thanks for posting its always nice to visit other blogs i'll check it out and feel free to do the same with ours

    we dont have a general "thing" we are more so about if it looks good, sounds good and even taste good and is in style we want to know about it.

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