Faster acces to edit pictures?

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    Is there a faster way to edit and delete pictures than to go into every single one and say “edit” – “delete”.

    The problem is that I want to delete lots a pictures because I am replacing them with smaller versions to make the page load faster. However, every time I deleted one, I come back to the “browse all” surface which shows page 1,2 and 3…. 19. The pictures I am deleting is in page 5 and up, – how can I go directly to the relevant page instead of wasting time going through the irrelevant pages.

    I am sitting on a slow connection.

    I was a bit difficult to explain the problem, hope it does not sound like nonsense.

    Cheers, Anne



    Afraid not. You could try a local library and/ or college if you can. My local university is on a pair of OC-192s and I can do a lot with them very quickly. :)



    Ah, but what I would really like is not have to browse to lots of irrelevant pages numbers (open every single page with irrelevant pictures) to get to the ones I want to delete. Every time I delete on it brings me back to the starting point where I can either start with the first, or the last picture view (of 8 pics), and then go through them all again. That is stupid.

    What will solve the problem is of I have the option to see all the page numbers under “Browse All” instead of eg:

    1… 18 19 20 21.


    1 2 3… 22

    or write the pic page number I want to go to (eg 14).

    Or, alternatively, if the page did not go “back to start” when I deleted/edited a picture, that would be fine also.

    I am not sure if I expressed the problem right the first time… I am fine with my connection speed and would never go to my uni to blog (rather close it down then), but this little detail is annoying and I would like to get around it.


    My question is



    I believe we have had several conversations now since you came to wordpress and I believe they usually come full circle i.e. you want greater control over your theme than what is possible here
    Currently there is no way to get around this and I’m not aware of any changes scheduled with respect to the image uploader. There are limitations on the blog themes at that could be changed if you chose to download a free blog template from and self host or hire a web host. In that situation you could hack your template to make it suit you and your needs, although I do not know if the same image loader is installed on blogs. In the current situation all you can do is lobby sysadmin for the change you want. Please send in a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread, understanding that fellow bloggers on the forum cannot help you with these types of issues, only sysadmin can.



    Ok, good plan :-D
    Thank you.



    You’re welcome. :)

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