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    I’ve done lots with PayPal in the past, and have always had the transaction process instantaneously.

    I went to buy my first credits with wordpress and now have a note on my blog management saying it will take at least four business days to process.

    So, I tried to cancel payment at PayPal. Not an option.

    I then tried to process a second payment on my credit card, but this time it was PayPal that said a credit card payment would take time to process and that a bank payment would be instananeous.

    Which note is correct? And is there a way to obtain credits instananeously, or in less time than 4 days?



    Normally when you buy credits with Paypal and already have an account that is verified by PayPal, it happens instantly as they already have your credit card on file. Is this the case that you find yourself in for your PayPal account?




    ya i too think so k its through paypal u can get ur credit very spontaneously



    Everytime I use Paypal, it seems to be the other way with me. Credit cards go right through and anything from the bank takes 4 days.

    Since this is an accounting issue, I’m going to suggest that you go ahead and email into support at this domain and ask staff about it. Put in the subject “paypal problem” so that whoever is reading the emails notes that it’s a money issue.

    Hope this helps,



    It currently says Pending.



    As has been the case for DrMike said, my experience is that credit card payments go right through. Sadly, I did not have my credit card set up on that particular account yet…And opted to use my business bank account, not realizing it would be four days.

    Maybe I’ll just try running it through my credit card then.



    I don’t believe there is a method of receiving a refund for the “pending” payment in place but I could be wrong. Perhaps someone else can confirm that before you go ahead.



    If the payment never gets picked up (by wp in this case) it will eventually get cancelled and go back to the sender.
    This does take time (more than four days in some cases).
    You could always just wait and let both payments go through. This way you will have extra credits at WP for future use and can track how long each method actually takes… so next time you will know which one is faster. ;)
    “Verifying” your PayPal account is important and once verified, payments/recieved monies go through faster.



    Okay, so more than four days have passed and it’s still pending. PayPal says it is expected to clear after 10 days. Urgh.

    In the meantime, I can’t seem to opt for a second payment to WP.

    PayPal also says that WP can cancel the pending transaction from their PayPal account. I’ll send a note via feedback.



    An actually bigger issue is why WordPress doesn’t have a better system in place for purchasing credits, and domain names. I’ve set up several websites before, and from purchasing domain names and hosting it usually takes a matter of minutes before the transaction is processed and the site is live. WordPress and Paypal need DAYS? Really?

    I am new to WordPress. I set up an account, went to purchase a domain name to attach to the blog, paid for credits through Paypal, and …. nothing happens. Paypal has processed the transaction through my account with them, and the money is gone from my checking account, but WP and Automattic haven’t stepped up to the plate. And there is no info on what to do next, or how long these transactions can take… a little instruction on what to do next would be nice.

    So I guess I just have to wait a week or so to even find out whether I have actually purchased credits. That is completely ridiculous. Anybody know of another blogging system that actually has their act together? Should I even bother trying to get a refund for my $15? Or write that off to my own stupidity in thinking that WP could be trusted.



    We see a Pending Transaction.
    Until it completes we cannot do anything. The method and speed of payment is due to paypal, not us.



    removed as Mark replied



    Mark, Will you please check and see if you see a purchase for credits pending for my domain name any help would be appreciated.



    Have you tried directly contacting Mark?
    You can email support [at] wordpress [dot] com or you can use this link

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