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Fat burning secrets

  1. fatburningproducts

    Fat burning product reviews

    Now a days every one is very conscious about his/her weight. I give you the secret for most effective way to burn body fat ever.

    [b]Exercise :[/b]

    If you are undertaking exercises at 9am, just shift it by an hour. Try to perform the exercises at 8am. You might also try to perform a different set of exercises that are in the manual or video. Increase the time you spend on the exercises helps too, so if you were jogging for 20 minutes, increasing that by 10 minutes to 40 will help start the fat loosing regime again. In most cases these minor adjustments will help you to start loosing fat again. You can also try changing your dietary habits. For instance, you can increase the amount of protein you get or the times you eat. Just change your normal eating routine and you will find that you have started burning fat again.

    But If anyone don't have a time to do Exercise then in that case turbo charge your metabolism and burn off body fat faster than you ever thought possible.

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  2. i wish my fats could just themselves up. haha.

  3. I am not an expert but to my knowledge the body doesnt burn fat for the first 20 minutes of any excersice. You start the burning proccess after that. Also the quickest way to burn fat is boxing because it utilises every single muscle in the body and it's also very intense

  4. Eat lots of hot foods and you'll Eeeasily burn those calories

  5. thetatteredflag

    I think people have to realize the difference between losing weight and burning stored fat. In order to burn stored fat, the body must release a certain hormone that triggers the reaction. In order for this hormone to be released, certain conditions must exist in the body. Certain things will absolutely block the hormone, the two major ones being excess insulin in the bloodstream and cortisone. Insulin is released to remove excess sugar and cortisone as a result of physical or mental stress. Take a quick look at the way the body processes food. The more processed a food is, the quicker it is converted to glucose (blood sugar) and enters the blood stream. You can think of it in these terms: processing foods takes the place of the first step of digestion. So if you eat a slice of white bread made from enriched flour, it is immediately converted into glucose in the stomach and released into the bloodstream in one huge dose. This triggers a massive release of insulin that will block the fat-burning hormone. If you eat a slice of whole grain bread, most of the process of digestion takes place in the small intestine over a period of a few hours and the glucose is released gradually into the bloodstream. So when people say "It's okay for me to eat a peice of cake because I am going to spend an hour on the treadmill later" that is completely untrue. Any day that you eat processed crap or drink alcohol or soda you will not burn fat! Don't even waste your time exercising.
    Here is a method that worked well for me:
    First, eat only whole grains. One slice of wonderbread is the equivalent of 4 spoonfuls of sugar. No soda or anything that contains excess sugar. Eat a calorie-conservative, balanced diet, but do not starve yourself. Then pick two days of the week when you will try to achieve most of your weight loss. During these two days, you will eat no grain products, only protein-rich meats, fish, and fruits and vegetables. During these two days you want to consume at least 15-20 grams of high quality protein every 2 hours. Wake up on the first day and eat breakfast (remember, no cereals or pancakes, but lots of protein and perhaps a peice of fruit). Then do moderate resistance training for about 1/2 hour (pushups and no-weight squats will work if you don't have access to equipment). You want to try and hit all of the major muscle groups if possible, but without stressing yourself. Then immediately do your cardio, no more than 1 1/2 hours.
    The resistance exercise will rid your muscles of glucose, which is where it is stored. When you begin your cardio, since you hopefully have only protein in your system, your body will start converting that protein into the glucose you need for energy and also to rebuild the muscle tissue you just broke down. Now think of your cardio as exercising the heart and lungs rather than other muscles. Your heart and lungs prefer fatty acids as an energy source. If there is sugar present in your system, the body will easily convert that sugar into fatty acids. But since you haven't ingested any, it will look for other sources. Protein is much harder for the body to convert to fatty acids, so at this point, if all the conditions are right, it will start utilizing stored fat as an energy source and converting that into fatty acids. Again, the key here is not to exercise to the point of causing stress to the body and releasing cortisone.
    Once you have triggered the fat-burning hormone, as long as you continue to consume a high-protein diet with no grains, you will continue to burn fat for energy even after you stop exercising. Most of this fat burning will ironically take place during sleep. Follow the 2 day guideline, and on the third day eat a diet rich in whole grains to replenish the vitamins you have been depriving yourself of.
    I had amazing success doing this, going from 225 pounds to 170 in about 6 months.
    Sorry this is so long, I wasn't trying to write a book, but hopefully others will try this method and find success.

  6. lettershometoyou

    Fewer calories in than you use = weight loss. Why is this so hard to understand? Works for me, anyway.

  7. thetatteredflag

    Who said anything was hard to understand? Consuming fewer calories than your body uses of course works for a few weeks and if you are trying to lose fewer than, say, 10 pounds. But eventually your body will lower your metabolic rate to accomodate the reduced calorie intake and you stop losing weight. This lowered metabolism is extremely undesirable, because once it happens it becomes much harder to raise your metabolism again without greatly increasing your activity level and lean muscle mass.

  8. keep running and stop being lazy...

  9. Glucose is not stored in muscles. And protein is easily converted into fats; the reason high protein diets cause weight loss is that they change the body pH and the resultant metabolic situation is the chemistry of decay. In short form, your body rots instead of getting fat. This is why the breath of people on high protein diets is so noxious.

  10. thetatteredflag

    Glucose absolutely IS stored in muscle tissue...that is basic nutrition/fitness knowledge. Also, I was referring to converting fats to fatty acids vs proteins into fatty acids, not protein into fat.

  11. lettershometoyou

    My point was that the formula is very simple. To lose weight you have to burn more than you take in, whether you're losing 10, 50 or 250 pounds.

  12. Drink hot water and do your Exercise.

  13. pornstarbabylon

    Don't drink diet sodas. The aspartame will kill you. But I heard that the substitute sugar makes the body seek out real sugar making you crave other foods while dieting. The real soda in moderation is better than the diet soda. Drink tea instead. My skin started looking healthier after I stopped drinking diet sodas a year.

  14. Glucose and Glycogen are two different things. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose.

    (@ tattered flag)

  15. Glycogen is stored in muscle tissue. Glucose is not.

  16. thetatteredflag

    My apologies you are right about glycogen vs. glucose, they are different forms of the same energy source. So to restate, if you deplete glycogen from the muscles with resistance exercise prior to doing cardio, you make it easier for the body to trigger the metabolization of stored fat as an energy source. And, again, this is helpful when your body has reset its metabolism to a lower rate to accomodate extended periods of lower calorie intake.

  17. That is correct; however, the MAJOR weight-loss effect of resistance exercise is to increase the availability of fat-burning enzymes all over the body (even in muscles that were not worked) and thus to increase metabolism. That's the central point of the Fit or Fat books.

  18. Can't I just take a piiiiiilllll?


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