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    Hope someone can help me out here.

    If I activate the standard WordPress ‘Archives’ widget in the sidebar, no matter what month you click on it redirects back to the homepage. My blog has been up and running since June with over 50 posts.

    To counter this I implemented a specific ‘Achives’ page and I’m using the SRG Clean Archives plugin. When on archives page everything is all right until you click on ‘detailed monthly archive’ link for a specific month. Once again this redirects back to the homepage.

    The path that both archives are using are: domainname.com/year/month – as I said this always redirects back to the homepage, which is the twenty most recent posts.

    Thanks to anybody who can help me out here.



    If you’re using a plugin, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong forum. This is for wordpress.com blogs and we can’t use plugins here. You need to be over at wordpress.org.



    Thanks. I shall get myself over there post-haste :)



    Having the same problem and I have a wordpress.com blog….why isn’t there an archive button? or is there and I don’t see it?



    Have you added the archives widget to your sidebar?


    In this blog, http://aardvarkcola.wordpress.com/ , I see an archive widget in the sidebar. Click on a month/year to get to the posts for that month/year.

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