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Fauna Beta 5 update

  1. timetheif -

    that's uh....
    way more involved than this needs to be.
    from your dashboard, just click the "feedback" button, and write matt a little note telling him of your undying love for the new fauna.

    if enough people do that, matt takes notice, and adds/updates the theme.

    joen -
    i'm with options. this explanation makes sense, but unless matt says outright that fauna has too many options for inclusion on, i think the more the better. unless of course, wank is right.

  2. I'm immensely proud of the interest in my theme here, and it is for that reason I'd be willing to make a "watered down version".

    My point is not that I want to water down Fauna, rather than ANY (new) version is better than no version. In even other words, my gut feeling is that some changes are necessary for Fauna to be .com ready, simply due to the fact that "Fauna Beta 1" seems to have undergone some changes when it was adopted here at initially (a process which I, again, had no control of, but welcome).

  3. I'm kind of curious now as well. I've gone ahead and sent in a feedback. :)

  4. I'm glad to hear another person is interested enough to come on board send in a feedback request for a theme that allows so much flexibility when it comes to personalization through customization. Versatility and the use of the whole space rather than an anorexic little strip seems to be an important theme that keeps arising every day 9note the posts by patriotsfan,etc. etc. etc.

    To recap for anyone "new" reading this post Fauna Beta 5 has some remarkable features such as the ability to change the header and the background,as well as other customization features (please consult the first posts in this thread for very detailed information).

    For those who have been part of the ongoing forum dialogue on this rest assured that I was not spending all that time typing posts just to hear myself think out loud. FYI I sent a feedback request in a long, long, long time ago. However, I assumed that by continuing the conversation on the forum more people would become interested, would have an opportunity to enter the dialogue, and would perhaps put in a feedback request too.

    FYI I also assumed if the dialogue did not continue that the topic would disappear from the forum, and the feedback requests we made would be given a lower priority by the powers that be, or have I missed something here?

    It's now at the head of the forum posts again and the shuttlecock gentlemen awaits someone else taking their turn to bat it up again. ;-)

  5. Joen: most themes don't need to be watered down for We might make some security changes or drop a feature but very rarely.

    When you have a stable release ready, let us know via feedback and we'll give it a look!

    By the way, thanks for the excellent work :)

  6. I hoop this gone get in the
    I have tried to try it, but I need a server and then of course a domain. The problems comes that I dont's wanna pay for it...
    I hoop on a good rainy day it will come

  7. There are actually a number of free hosts out there where you can set up WordPress in return for advertising for your host. You probably would get the same amount of space though. Service would be less of course as well.

  8. Andy, Thank you so much for your response. I'm sure you can tell by this thread that some of us are paaionate about seeing this theme updated and brought on line for bloggers. I'm grnning from ear to ear and I'm sure that options will see to it that joen reads your post.

  9. drmike To post it on a server whit adds doesn't look nice.
    I try to get a acoount on , but they won't let me :) And a domain... Don't talk about it...

    Thanks timetheif U hoop so it comes soon on I can't wait...

  10. Thanks Andy, I'll let you know via feedback.

    Just an update on the process of getting this theme done. Now that I have finished a redesign of my personal website (which was taking up my time), I'll soon start work on the RC, which should hopefully be almost final.

  11. And the crowd goes wild shouting :O "YES!"

  12. Of cours we do that.

  13. Fauna is now 1.0 final. The license states that it's freely portable to, should you be interested. Get in touch with me if I can be of assistance.

  14. YAY!

    thanks a lot for such a great work, Joen!

  15. I have already made Matt T aware of this.
    The theme will be checked for the impact it could have here. Please do bear in mind that for many people this theme is not broken and does not need fixing (as it were).

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