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    yep, sure this is exactly an example of the latest Fauna.

    header image/size and page background color/image can be changed through ‘Theme Options’ pane.

    ps NP



    Now we’re cooking with gas![I’m starving and my animals are looking at the windows plaintively wondering when lunch will arrive.] Catch you later.:D



    So I’m not too crazy about Fauna but the way the sidebar/sidenotes is implemented is what I’d like.



    I love the Fauna theme and I’m going to use it once it’s updated because I need to have me links on me sidebar! :D At least I need the “categories” and “archives” links. But I’ve already sent a feedback on this, and I think Matt and the gang will get to it when they find the time. I see that they have already added tons of themes this week, so since they’re in such a theme-mood, I’m hopeful :D




    I am the author of the Fauna theme. Thank you for the kind comments here.

    I got an email about the discussion going on here, and was asked to clarify how the “special categories” work.

    First of all, take a look at the screenshot here:


    Basically, without the use of plugins, Fauna has a few built-in features, especially with regards to categories.

    It works this way: create a category with a special name. Once you’ve done this, simply file a post in that category, and the Fauna theme will treat it differently based on what category you filed the post in.

    – File a post in “Asides” or “Dailies” category, and the post shows up in the main list of of chronological posts, but with a smaller layout.

    – File a post in “Sidenotes”, and the post will show up in the sidebar, complete with permalink and comments link.

    – File a post in “Noteworthy”, and the post will get a small “heart” icon that links to all posts filed in the noteworthy category.

    Visit the screenshot link earlier and hover over the main area to see how each category looks.

    With regards to Fauna and WordPress.com, this is not something I am personally in control of. I was not asked whether I wanted Fauna beta 1 to be included on WordPress.com, but was pleasantly surprised that it had been adopted. The WP.com team is of course welcome to include Beta 5 or later releases.

    Currently the roadmap for the remaining development of Fauna is this:

    * RC version
    Will fix bugs in Beta 5. I do not expect new features to be added. Only cleanups and optimizations.
    * Final version
    Will fix bugs in RC.

    I suppose the WP team might be waiting for the final version since it’s “near”. That said, I think there are a few changes that need to be made in order for a theme to be wp.com ready — I could make these changes if someone would tell me what these needed changes are… this might make it easier for the wp.com admins.

    Finally, I don’t think “built-in” support is needed for the Live Preview plugin… it should work just fine with beta 5… just upload and activate.

    Hope this clarifies things.



    hello joen,

    thank you very much for the such a detailed reply and a great theme you made.

    now I’m eager looking forward for the moment when someone provide you with details needed (if there are any), so that all WordPress.com users could finally enjoy this nice theme.

    admittedly, the last bunch of new meddling themes which by pure accident occurred right after this thread has begun being actively discussed, makes me feel that, unfortunately, an updated Fauna hardly ever be available on .com, as well as some other advanced themes (like ‘K2‘ for instance).



    If necessary, a “watered down” version of Fauna could be provided… like Beta 1, but with a VERY basic options page, and all the html/css bugs fixed.

    I have NO idea how long it would take to make such a Fauna MU, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be made.


    i don’t know how my name got thrown in here, but that’s cool.

    i know a thing or two about designing themes, but fauna is all joen. i jut hang out in the fauna forums cos i like using the theme.

    beta 5 would be a fantastic addition to wordpress.com, but i’m happy to wait for a final release. every release joen puts out is like manna from above, so i’m confident that the RC’s will be much improved.



    hello Joen,

    while adding a basic support of standard .com widgets (specially Category and Archive ones) and (optionally, for right-handed persons) a custom ‘Sidebar Position’ option, would be of much help in navigation and a general usage of Fauna Beta 1 (so, that .com folks could finally start using it and get the gist of this theme), frankly, I’m not sure whether it worth to put any efforts into the special ‘Fauna Lite .com edition’.

    admittedly, yet I haven’t undergone Fauna a thorough testing, Beta 4 seemed worked perfectly for me right ‘out of the box’ back in April, when the sunburntkamel has told us about ‘Custom Header Image’ could be implemented as theme option and gave a link to the Fauna as an example of the first theme which did it.

    also, http://edublogs.org positive Fauna usage experience makes me beleive that Fauna is already ‘quite a MU’.

    so, as a sunburntkamel, I am ‘happy to wait for a final release’ too, though being a .com user (i.e. already a beta-tester by the fact), personally I would as well be happy to test a beta version of the widgetized Fauna had I any chance to.

    ADD: there are also amusing creative things like a Fauna Live people make inspired by the Fauna.



    I really appreciate the fact that joen came to the forum and described his theme so well to us. It’s important to someone like myself who do not speak computerease is able to directly communicate with designers.

    “A watered down version” does not sit well with me and I do not recommend making such a request.

    I am new to this computer and blogging world. I do not understand the structure or the way things operate. If this matter were in the political arena or the the environmental arena then what would happen at this point is that one of us (options) or a small committee (options and sunburntcamel) would write up a draft forming a concise appeal to “the powers that be” and listing the how the design would be able to better suit blogger needs than the selection of themes currently avaialble as well as emphasizing the designers willingness to meet the needs.

    I believe very strong points that could be made are that Fauna Beta 5 meets these needs without the need for “plug-ins”; that it’s “user freindly” particularly easy for newbies to use(choice of category is all that’s required to put what we write where we want it to be); that it is “customizable” and many bloggers desire the ability to customize their blogs; that it has side-bar with commments capacity which some bloggers have expressed a strong desire for; that early versions of the theme already have developed a following of happy users; that those bloggers currently using it and others are eager to see its upgrade and Beta 5 release; and, that the designer is willing to do the work to accomodate the needs expressed.

    Once the draft is worded it could be posted and circulated. Suggestions for additional grounds for strengthening the appeal and amendments to wording could be invited from all bloggers who are interested. A final copy of the written formal appeal would be produced and posted and circulated requesting that those bloggers who choose to support the appeal become formal signatories.

    Thereafter the appeal would be sent to “the powers that be” who will respond indicatiing any sticking points they have or requirements they would like to see met. At this point negotiation takes place and a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

    I repeat I do not recommend that “a watered down version” ever be a starting point for negotiations of any kind in this matter or in any others.

    We have good grounds to request an upgrade, we have a willing designer, and surely if we make a cogent case and appeal for the upgrade this will not fall on deaf ears nor will it be summarily dismissed.

    I believe we ought to proceed with confidence noting that if this process were to lead to a happy ending then it would become a model for other bloggers who wish to see their favorite theme up graded.

    One would think an organized and formal approach would be superior to the scatter gun approach of individuals making theme requests through feedback, don’t you think?

    Respectfully, TT


    timetheif –

    that’s uh….
    way more involved than this needs to be.
    from your dashboard, just click the “feedback” button, and write matt a little note telling him of your undying love for the new fauna.

    if enough people do that, matt takes notice, and adds/updates the theme.

    joen –
    i’m with options. this explanation makes sense, but unless matt says outright that fauna has too many options for inclusion on wp.com, i think the more the better. unless of course, wank is right.



    I’m immensely proud of the interest in my theme here, and it is for that reason I’d be willing to make a “watered down version”.

    My point is not that I want to water down Fauna, rather than ANY (new) version is better than no version. In even other words, my gut feeling is that some changes are necessary for Fauna to be .com ready, simply due to the fact that “Fauna Beta 1” seems to have undergone some changes when it was adopted here at wordpress.com initially (a process which I, again, had no control of, but welcome).



    I’m kind of curious now as well. I’ve gone ahead and sent in a feedback. :)



    I’m glad to hear another person is interested enough to come on board send in a feedback request for a theme that allows so much flexibility when it comes to personalization through customization. Versatility and the use of the whole space rather than an anorexic little strip seems to be an important theme that keeps arising every day 9note the posts by patriotsfan,etc. etc. etc.

    To recap for anyone “new” reading this post Fauna Beta 5 has some remarkable features such as the ability to change the header and the background,as well as other customization features (please consult the first posts in this thread for very detailed information).

    For those who have been part of the ongoing forum dialogue on this rest assured that I was not spending all that time typing posts just to hear myself think out loud. FYI I sent a feedback request in a long, long, long time ago. However, I assumed that by continuing the conversation on the forum more people would become interested, would have an opportunity to enter the dialogue, and would perhaps put in a feedback request too.

    FYI I also assumed if the dialogue did not continue that the topic would disappear from the forum, and the feedback requests we made would be given a lower priority by the powers that be, or have I missed something here?

    It’s now at the head of the forum posts again and the shuttlecock gentlemen awaits someone else taking their turn to bat it up again. ;-)



    Joen: most themes don’t need to be watered down for WordPress.com. We might make some security changes or drop a feature but very rarely.

    When you have a stable release ready, let us know via feedback and we’ll give it a look!

    By the way, thanks for the excellent work :)



    I hoop this gone get in the wordpress.com
    I have tried to try it, but I need a server and then of course a domain. The problems comes that I dont’s wanna pay for it…
    I hoop on a good rainy day it will come



    There are actually a number of free hosts out there where you can set up WordPress in return for advertising for your host. You probably would get the same amount of space though. Service would be less of course as well.



    Andy, Thank you so much for your response. I’m sure you can tell by this thread that some of us are paaionate about seeing this theme updated and brought on line for wordpress.com bloggers. I’m grnning from ear to ear and I’m sure that options will see to it that joen reads your post.



    drmike To post it on a server whit adds doesn’t look nice.
    I try to get a acoount on http://dhost.info/ , but they won’t let me :) And a domain… Don’t talk about it…

    Thanks timetheif U hoop so it comes soon on wordpress.com. I can’t wait…



    Thanks Andy, I’ll let you know via feedback.

    Just an update on the process of getting this theme done. Now that I have finished a redesign of my personal website (which was taking up my time), I’ll soon start work on the RC, which should hopefully be almost final.

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