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  1. Is there a way to put a different favicon next to the url besides the w that it is now?

    My site is and I would like to change it to a "z" if possible.

  2. That would be a no go because
    wordpress has there Favicon
    if you would like your own
    favicon then you would have
    to have a self hosted blog
    away from

  3. Please send you're request to the support staff.

    The 'Favicon' is something that's been on the 'user suggestion list' for quite some time now.

    I really don't why is taking so long?

  4. Because staff has a built-in reason for wanting to promote

  5. It seems like it.

    I'm afraid it ain't gonna happen. :-(

    I just say: keep on asking... you never know... maybe some day...

  6. Although right NOW would be good moment to launch that feature, because everybody is talking about the Favicon change that Google made. ;-)

  7. What favicon change google made???

  8. @ teck07

    just do a (google) search: favicon+change+google

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