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    I’ve looked up a lot of ways to change my favicon, but I don’t seem to able to find a solution.


    Places I look up usually have something along the lines of the instructions on the website above. I’ve cropped my 16×16 file, but I would like to ask how I could get it to my website. I completely do not understand how computers work so if you can tell me exactly which tabs to click that would be really helpful. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is uchicagoeconomist.wordpress.com.



    You can upload a Blavatar by visiting Settings -> General in your blog’s dashboard. The instructions for changing your blavatar ie. favicon are found here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/avatars/blavatars/
    Changing blavatars/gravatars is never an instantaneous process. When we change blavatars/gravatars there is always a time delay, sometimes for days, for the new one to appear. Do not keep uploading it over and over or you will create an even longer display delay. If it doesn’t show up go to the gravatar site FAQs
    To enable display on your own blog scroll down to “Avatars” on theis page > Settings > Discussion



    P.S. I can see the little “bear” blavatar displaying in the top browser bar next to your blog URL.


    Thanks a lot for the help!!

    I actually was able to change it now. I’m still sticking with my bear for now but I was going to change it for a friends event next week and was wondering how. I got the thing I wanted to change to to work, and was able to see it in the favicon icon beside the url. Thanks!



    Do note that I don’t recommend frequent chnages sue to the time delay for display which is because the images are cached. You’re welcome. :)



    edit: “chnages sue” was meant to be “changes due”

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