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  1. Hi,

    Pretty simple one, but I'm wondering why my favicon/blog picture hasn't changed when since loading the first one months ago I've changed it twice, but in my bookmarks and on the tab for the site when I go there it's still showing the old one. Have cleared my cache as I know that helps, have changed my 'gravatar' as well as my blog picture to make sure but still no luck.

    Perhaps somebody could visit my site and see what they see. It should currently be a red paint splat type logo, but for me is still showing as the word 'slam' on a brownish background.

    All help appreciated,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On a side note, I can see after I've posted this, that the one featured with my name on here is the current and correct one, but this isn't what's showing on the site :(

  3. I see the same red splotch as your blavatar appears here as your gravatar. To see what other see simply log out of, clear your browser cache and view your blog while you are logged out.

  4. Thanks for the swift response, cool so when you head to my blog the favicon and icon appearing on the tab is the red splodge?

    Will log out and take a look.


  5. Just cleared the caches and logged out fo wordpress, checked my blog and on the tab in chrome and in my bookmarks bar its still showing the old brown one hmmm.

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