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    There is a favicon on my blog which I did not insert. It is not a wordpress icon, but just a random picture from my personal library – one that I would REALLY like to change! I’ve been playing around for about 2 and a half hours now trying to find where to cahnge it but can’t seem to get there. I some how stumbled upon where I could delete the photo, tried to do so, then got distracted and had to walk away. And now I don’t remember where that was. :( I do not have VIP access. Just the basics. Can someone please help?

    You can view the blog at http://lindseyfrench.worpress.com

    I appreciate your help! Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is lindseyfrench.wordpress.com.


    Shoot! The blog is at http://lindseyfrench.wordpress.com. Sorry about the misstype.


    I’m seeing the standard wordpress “W” favicon.

    To upload a custom favicon (called blavatar or blog picture here) see this: http://support.wordpress.com/avatars/blavatars/ .


    I think you might be talking about when you view the url of the individual image uploaded through WordPress. Like this one which shows the exact picture in the favicon as of whichever image you uploaded for that picture. But as thesacredpath said, I also see the standard favicon in the main page.



    @PSB, when I click on that link, I see the standard “W” as a favicon, not the image.


    Really? It’s the USA Today logo. How about this picture of this house?


    I’ve always seen, even in completely different blogs and websites, the picture also as the favicon too.


    OK, not in Safari, but in FF it shows the image as the favicon.


    Yes, the “Blavatar” is what I am talking about. Thanks for the “how to” instructions! That works great. I wo0nder why you guys only see the wordpress blavatar though when I see a picture of some blonde chick. Hmmm.

    Anyways thanks again, that was perfect!


    It takes a while for the blavatar change to work its way through all the wordpress datacenters and servers, so it may be 12-24 hours before everyone sees the new one.

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