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Favorite 90's Memories...

  1. I only say 90's because I was born in '91. So I'm reminiscing about my childhood. Hated the 90's? Bring up a memory from the decade of your choice. :D

    Some favorites:

    -Savage Garden- still my all-time favorite band!
    -Spice Girls [Girl Power!]
    -Captain Planet [The power is yours!]
    -Boom Boxes [I still have mine with Spice Girls stickers all over it.]
    -Playing Carmen San Diego in the computer lab [with really old computers.]
    -Yo-Yo's!!! I still have my Red Butterfly, yo! :D
    -Rugrats [Tommy was always my favorite, "a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do."]
    -Collecting beanie babies... I still have all of them... I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.
    -Pokémon cards!!! When the Pikachu card was, like, über rare and everyone was all "I'll trade you a Ponyta for a Rattata!"
    -Winnie the Pooh, the original cartoon, not the new, 3D something or other...

    I know there's a lot more, but I can't seem to remember them xD They're just that good. But when I remember, believe me, I'll post them.

    So what are your fond memories of the 1990's?

  2. Seinfeld and the first Gulf War jumped to my mind when I thought of the 90's. it's a rather strange combination, but that was my form of "word association" when I thought of the 90's. The X-files also comes to mind.

    The beginning of the decade was the last time I was oblivious to the power of the internet.

  3. I still remember the 60's and 70's - or at least the hallucinations.

  4. 80s

    wrist bangles
    hammer trousers (or pants..or what have you)
    depeche mode (still a fan today too!)
    pouffy hair
    silver spoons sitcom
    air bands
    21 jump street
    cabbage patch dolls ( i threw a tantrum when my parents got me a 'knock off' one. they thought they could fool me!)
    she-ra and he-man action figures
    judy blume books
    putting that non-toxic clear glue on the back of my hands and then having fun peeling it off when it dried (usually done whilst sitting at the back of the class)

    oh yeah, and one last final aspect of the 80s...the horrible boy who followed me home when i was 6 years old and beat me up, then later asked me to dance at the school dance in grade 4.

  5. I'm too old to remember the 90's, uh, 60's? Anyway, the interesting thing will be to see how your list looks in 20-30 years. In the early 90's I was reminiscing with some guys I knew from the 'ol hood and while we had all completely outgrown a lot of the 60's TV shows (imagine actually liking Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes, et al???!!?!) that we had loved as kids, we all seemed to have a special fondness for a show from the late 50's, early 60's, called Leave It To Beaver. A few weeks later we met again and had all determinedly watched some old reruns of the show. It was totally embarrassing to admit that we could ever have thought that it was a good show on any scale (of course we had been drinking). So we wrote it off (sigh). It's not that new shows are any better, it's more that hardly any of them are going to age very well. On the other hand, music from the 60's sometimes sounds even better now than it did then. Go figure!

  6. Ooh, 90s. Late 80s baby here. I remember boom boxes, Goosebumps (though I never read them), Power Rangers, Sonic the Hedgehog's genesis, Lisa Frank, VHS tapes, the Disney dynasty, dumb sweaters, etc.

    There's a Facebook group just for this topic and it reminded me of all those great memories.

  7. Jesus Jones. That was an historic moment, an historic song:

  8. oh my god, Rain...I totally almost posted the same thing in my original comment. I'm 100% serious. I just got chills over here....chills I'm telling you!

    That song totally makes me think of the turn of the decade. As does "Winds of Change" by Scorpions.

    And since I have ADD, this all makes me think of Billy Joe's historically influenced "we didn't start the fire", which leads me to us, blogging, and internet memes and ultimately we wind up here with this video, which I can't recall if I've shared before (but no doubt many have seen).

  9. lettershometoyou

    The OP was born the year things started to get going for me.
    The 90s were about...
    Switching direction, leaving Canada, living in Hong Kong, meeting my wife-to-be, holding my newborn daughter in my hands, being on TV every day, lots of travel, learning a new language, being a stay-at-home-dad, getting the job I have now.

  10. Being on tv everyday? Do tell, Ian - I didn't know this factoid about you. All this time we've had a celebrity within our ranks!

    The 90's for me were a transition period as well. I started high school in 1992. Graduated in 1996 (show of hands, how many thought I was on the 5 or 6 year program?). :-)

    I started college in '97 and flunked out by '98. My amazing 0.0 GPA being the main culprit of my demise.....well, that and being surrounded by beer and pretty women.

    Actually it was the best thing that ever happened to me as it forced me to join the work force and "grow up" sooner than many of my friends did. It also led me to meeting my wife in 1998 at our work. I was infatuated with her from the start, but I had to spend the rest of the decade laying the ground work for swaying her away from her then boyfriend. In the end it was pretty easy. :)

  11. lettershometoyou

    I've been meaning to get around to a memoir post about my TV days. Or simply a memoir. I tell you, I could write a book about Hong Kong.

  12. lettershometoyou

  13. Ooh, Hong Kong. I have two pen pals there :D

  14. alburywodongaonline

    The stone roses, Morrisey's solo career. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I seem to remember for a brief shining moment the hooded long sleeve T-shirt was the must have fashion accesory too.
    Many fine films were released in the 1990's (too numerous to list) and of course my football team won back to back premierships.
    The internet became available (well to me at least) and I can still remember the novelty factor and having gross out contests with my friends to see who could find the most disgusting images.(some things never change).
    The '90s wasn't quite as 'daggy' a decade as the 1980's but it wasn't as iconic either, it's like the whole decade was a little self conscious or something.
    Uni days were in the '90's, "retro" cafes became fashionable (God knows why?)

  15. Winnie the Pooh and Rugrats! Awww- memories! I miss The Wild Thornberries too.
    Oh yes, and I also quite enjoyed the fact that Barbies wore halfway decent clothes in the 90's.
    And the mismatched, brightly colored clothes kids wore back then were pretty interesting.

  16. I vaguely remember the 90's because I was six when 2000 rolled around but I remember the Spice Girls, they were huge and then Rugrats, yeah. Not the grown up one, I kinda liked the old one although I don't get to watch them now because I'm either in front of the computer, reading a book or studying.

  17. I want to say it was the early 90's that constituted what I now refer to as the "vanilla kev" years - you know, that brief, embarrassing period of time where I thought of myself not as the Kevin that you all know and love, but as "iced kev" - the hardcore gangsta rapper from brooklyn.

    I think this was replaced with "grunge kev" upon discovering the Seattle rock scene. Grunge Kev was slain by "Starbucks Kev", who more closely resembles the current generation of "kev" you see (or read) before you.

    I wasn't really that stereotyipcal - but don't "vanilla kev", "grunge kev", and "starbucks kev" all remind you of umteen million characters you meant back then?

    That and teal. For some reason the color teal makes me think of 1992 - 1993.

  18. " and the moment that you wander far from me
    I wanna feel you in my arms again"
    aww I was only 5

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