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Favorite childhood memories

  1. So, I am feeling a little nostalgic just now. I think it's because I've moved overseas and haven't seen my mum for over a month now...which is a long time for me!

    To the point, let's share some of those moments many years ago which make us tilt our head fondly and say "Those were the days".

    I'll start with:
    I used to love running errands with my mum. Just posting letters, picking up groceries, going to the doctor. We didn't have a car so we did a lot of walking and catching transport which made the journeys all the more fun for me. She would always bring a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a muesli bar for me to eat along the way.

  2. college days are my favourite childhood memories...

  3. Standing on the very tips of my toes to watch whoever was serving the counter. especially the butcher.

  4. I loved stepping outside in bare feet and watching all our laundry on the line, flapping wildly. And then seeing oncoming storm clouds roll in, and joining in the frenzy as we tugged the laundry down, sometimes in time, sometimes not. That was in Fiji.

    When we were in Taiwan, I loved the craziness, and the traffic, and the montage of smells. I hated having to wear shoes, though.

  5. createdbychristina

    My facebook blurb says "Dreaming of the days of Bonnie Bell Lip Smack, flavor Bubble Gum".

    So, yes I've feeling that wave of nostalgia as well. I am also working on a little love story and I have flashbacks from there childhood. Some little bits are from my own memories but mostly fiction. But all-in-all can't everyone relate to those embarrassing moments in middle school that still hit a bit of a nerve or your first slow dance?
    Check out my some snippets from my story and let me know what you think:

    I would love to get some feedback, don't be afraid to comment.

  6. Picking literally dozens of leeches off me legs after a day in the river wiv me skirt tucked into me knickers.

  7. I don't have that many fond memories of my childhood.

    However I do remember spending a lot of time at my Grandmothers and spending a lot of time in her garden, being destructive the majority of the time, but I enjoyed it all the same.

  8. Hehe yes meganmulder! Although we never saw the storm clouds roll in, we would just hear the rain pit patting on the roof and we would then look at each other in horror and bolt to the clothes line to salvage what dry clothes were left. It sounds like you moved around a bit when you were a kid, what an adventure!

    cltdesigns50megs, I'm about to click on your link to your blog so i'll let you know what I think :)

    gentledove, that's a favorite childhood memory? EEeek! leeches scare the crap out of me, even now. The way they stretch up and smell the air for fresh blood and how you have to pull them off your skin....blegh!

    jwbulmer, I have a fond memory with my grandmother too, she was a fantastic cook, I remember one summer she prepared some homemade icecream which we ate with passion fruits.

  9. meekins, My fond memory wasn't really of my grandmother, but more of the things we got up to in her garden.

  10. Sorry jwbulmer!
    Yeah gardens provide most kids with some nice childhood memories. My backyard while growing up was pretty big. My friends and I would make obstacle courses and race each other, or jump on the trampoline and play 'crack the egg'.

  11. No need to appologise meekins.

    What's crack the egg? Not a game I have ever heard of before. I'm more than slightly intriged.

  12. How to play crack the egg:

    2 or more people assemble on a trampoline. One rolls him/herself up in to a ball, holding on to their knees. The other person/people jump up and down, bouncing the 'egg' around until they 'crack' and let go of their knees.

    A little dangerous but meh, it was way too much fun to think of the injuries which may have occurred!

  13. My bestest friend during chidhood was my dog, we were inseparable, I wish and wish I could get hold of some photos to upload, he was beautiful, beautiful, a big lab/spaniel cross who somehow combined all the attributes of both breeds [i.e. toughness and soppy silliness]He was rich dark brown with a white chest, utterly handsome and he could understand what people were saying, apart from politics or religion, so smart. he died of old age at 17 years old

  14. Running down feral pigs. Rousting them out of the scrub, then running up to five miles after them until they slowed down enough that you could get in with the shotgun, and boom.

    Being chased by Grandaddy Boar, taking shelter in the back of the Land Rover and finding Grandaddy Boar was big enough to lift the Land Rover's back end off the ground. He wasn't big enough to survive two loads of SG shot, though.

    Camping out, under the stars, listening to cicadas and crickets. Being woken in the night when a mob of kangaroos went through the camp site at speed and just missed us.

    Making damper in the coals of the fire.

    Eating fresh caught fish and eel cooked over an open fire.

    Doing a 100ft abseil for the first time. Whoooooo!

    And discovering phreaking and hacking (back in the "old" days).

  15. Oh gentledove!

    What was your doggies name? He sounded so lovely.

    I grew up with my dog Dodger. We got him when I was 4 and he passed away next to me in his sleep at the age of 17 years too (about 2 years ago). I STILL get teary eyed thinking of him, I was heartbroken when he was gone. He was always around and was such a wonderful companion and he had such human qualities too. He was also part Labrador, I think that breed makes them quite compassionate.

    This is Dodger:

    And this is Pixie, who I also miss dearly:

  16. My favorite childhood memory was wetting my bed. I don't know, there's something about it.weird. Maybe because it's the only thing that i don't do now from my chilhood. haha!

  17. hehe that's funny gustokongbinggo that it's your favorite childhood memory! Maybe because it's a true reminder of what it is to be young?

    I always found it to be a distressing and embarrassing time!

  18. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the land I grew up on for the first 15 years of my life. There are so many memories here. The trees, the lake behind the house, the nature trails. They all bring back happy childhood moments and now I'm surrounded by them everyday.

  19. @ Stonehead you should write a book, you are a fascinating guy. @ Meek my dog was called Sergeant because he looked so smart with his chest out, he was known and loved all over. Your pics are great I'll look you up when I'm in flkr next, I can't see lab in dodger he looks like a cross between Yogi bear and Boris Johnston [the London mayor] hee. @ Moon my home is gone but I did visit the river I spent most of my life in as a kid recently.

  20. It's when I lost my virginity ....

  21. Pastelmoon, it will be nice if you ever have kids to re-live those childhood moments in your surroundings.

  22. I spent most of my childhood summers at my granddad's place with the tobacco redrying storehouses. So the smell of tobacco actually reminds me of those summers. Even before I started smoking, I've always loved the smell of tobacco because of that.

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