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Favorite Season/Your Current Weather

  1. Cool Mornings, Warm Afternoons here right now... But it is Definitely Fall

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    We've had a mini-heatwave over in England and it's just been AWFUL. Stop stealing my Autumn, goddamn weather! *Shakes fist*

  3. Luckily the weather has cooled and is apparently going to get cooler as the week goes on :)

  4. We also had a pocket of warm days here, but the cool does seem to be coming back


  5. strawberryindigo

    The morning rain will hopefully give way to afternoon sunbreaks.

  6. Boo Hoo :( The leaves are turning color and even though late summer and early fall are my favorite seasons, I'm grieving the loss of summer sunshine.


  8. A gentle drizzle hit last night, and today it's Rain Cloudy, and Cool Breezy, excellent Writing Weather... At least for me


  9. Cool Breezy, sounds like a DJ name to me.

  10. It was so nice and sunny the last few days and of course I had to study for an exam. Today, the day of the exam, guess what? Not even a glimpse of blue sky and the Temperature dropped by like 8°C -.-

    Oh, and about the very first posts on the first page: Yay for Dr. Martens, I own a pair too! :)

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    Today was the first day I really felt it was autumn and it was just fantastic. The wind was blowing ferociously, and it was the first day I really noticed the leaves over the floor. Beautiful! I can't wait for the coming days... walking to work won't be so depressing anymore.

  12. strawberryindigo

    The sun is peaking through the clouds and shining through the treetops! Welcome back sun!

  13. Last weekend it was hot, hot, hot over here. :O in the UK, that's extremely unusual for October! Haha ... I forget the exact temperature, but I think Sunday was actually hotter than most of the summer was!

    It's cooled off now, though. A little COLD for October, actually. I love Autumn, though, most likely my favourite time of year; for some reason, I love the leaves falling off trees, the colour, the comfort food dinners, the chill outside and subsequent warmth inside, and the nights starting to draw in, but not so much so that it's dark at 4pm. (:

    Yup. Love, love, love Autumn. Summer's laid back, sure, but I always find there to be something really relaxing, comforting, about this time of year, too. It's probably the only time of year I'm happy to live out in the countryside, as well.

  14. theinsanityaquarium

    It's extremely dark outside today, so I'm sat in a nice warm cardigan by my laptop and SpongeBob lamp (yay!) having some tea and biscuits. I was supposed to go to the hospital today, but my doctor's cancelled on me, which means I don't have to go outside now and can just enjoy the stormy day from my window, while I'm all warm and biscuit-y on the inside.

  15. strawberryindigo

    Misty and rainy and in a temperate rainforest..ahhhhh..

  16. The rain season is now upon us. As the turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner is slowly filling the house with a delicious aroma, I'm celebrating autumn's colors.

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