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Favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Item?

  1. There is no debate here. Turkey lovers may scoff at my selection, however, nothing tops

    Green Bean Casserole w/ the French Fried Onions on top

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ew. i personally love banana cream pie! my aunt makes it every year, totally homemade, and it so owns any other pie!

  3. (in my best Little Richard voice)

    Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and CRANBERRY SAUCE. WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

  4. Soda cracker pie. It doesn't sound good, but it really is. Somewhere I still have the recipe.

  5. Turkey no doubt but I am a picky eater so my opinion might not count for much

  6. But Thanksgiving is not for another 3 months or so but I'm a picky eater so I don't have a favorite

  7. I like cranberries.the ones that come in a can and you have to cut it.Kind of reminds me of jello with a that tangy flavor

  8. roasted garlic green chile mashed potatoes.
    Yes, that's one dish. Can't WAIT!!!!!

  9. sweet potato yams, CRANBERRY SAUCE!!! :) and rolls and I'm set for the rest of the day

  10. I love mashed potatoes and gravy, with cranberry sauce on the side and Lemon meringue pie for dessert (my aunt lives next door and cooks a lot of pies often so she makes one special just for me sometimes :D)

  11. turkey with cranberry sauce on wait french fries and mixed sauces..NO WAIT!
    oh I can't chose D:
    but definetley the first ^_^

  12. lol i think any food is good on thanksgiving

  13. anything that I don't have to cook.

  14. we always have the same thing, with a few changes every year:
    turkey- fried, baked, or roasted
    cranberries- from scratch, though i do love canned.
    mashed potatoes- one year i was in charge of these, i think i was eleven or twelve, and it was all lumpy!
    green beans, carrots, and corn- my aunt makes green bean casserole, and my stepdad makes corn and carrots and sweet potatoes. the only time of the year he actually contributes to the family. ass.
    rolls- we cheat with these. we purchase them already made from this one buffet place. they own all.
    and an assortment of pies- last year it was apple, banana cream, pumpkin, and pumpkin chiffon.

  15. Turkey, tamales, mashed potatoes with secret-recipe gravy, rompope, punch, 2 barrels of coke it seems, vegetables I don't approach, ect ect...

  16. pornstarbabylon

    I always love the stuffing. Don't usually like the turnkey if it's not cooked the way I like it. Have a slice or two but then move on to the other side dishes. Love all desserts.

  17. Turkey, the greasy undercuts, pork, parsley, thyme and chestnut stuffing [soaked in turkey grease] creamed mash spuddies +roasties too, devils on horsebacks and strawberry pancakes with lashings of whipped cream.
    I'm British :( have to wait for christmas

  18. Good Food.... and great times...

  19. @irmuddled: Rompope! YYYYYYYESS!

  20. also, I wanna put sweet corn on my list of favs too lol

  21. Dito@ sweet corn. Last year was the first year I attempted to make a sweet corn casserole and I swear I didn't know something produced in my kitchen could taste THAT good. I didn't make enough last year, it got demolished. This year I have to double up lol.

  22. pumpkin pie

  23. all the pie!!! (no argument)

  24. Turducken! So delicious. I actually need to make one next week.

  25. turkey and mashed potatoes and sweet corn and cranberry sauce and i don't have a favorite; i love it all

  26. We don't do thanksgiving here... I don't think i have ever had turkey either... :)

  27. Deep Fried Turkey!!! Nothing is easier or quicker.

  28. Stuffing!!!!!!

  29. heatherleigh16

    Definitely the roast potatoes AND turkey with thick gravy. Mmmmm!!

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