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Favourite blog posts that had long incubation

  1. There are some blog posts which I had the idea floating around for months. When I did commit to writing it with photos, the blog post required some time to craft because I cared about the topic. But such posts, also were a pleasure to write because it brought back good memories or I did want to clarify something.

    Do you have a few posts like that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe-ish. The closest I have to that are some old half written stories sitting in draft with no idea how they should finish. Then one day the ending will magically pop into my head, so I try not to delete a draft unless it's really awful.

  3. Maybe it's not a matter of reworking an old, unfinished story but something in the subject or phrasing, might spark another different idea, uglymoose.

    Or you start a totally different story with the possible ending of these older draft stories. Just a thought. :) That way, you really haven't wasted the draft old story. It led you to something new.

  4. I have quite a few that I started when I began my blog, didn't work on and then came back to. It was a nice sense of nostalgia that I got re-reading them and trying to re-work them.
    I have a lot of posts that I have yet to expand that have been around for a while, but have never amounted to more then a few jokes or a paragraph or two. Eventually, I'd like to complete all of them.

  5. I've never tried that. I think once I've started down one path, I've so many other ideas popping in and out I can just start on something completely different until something finally works for me. Then I'll have these unfinished pieces I can complete when a eureka moment hits. When the idea well drys up though, that'll be something to try :)

  6. Yes, I do have some posts like that.

  7. I've been looking to post a new and unique stuff for months. I've an idea about that too but my digital camera is no longer available. I never keep stuff in draft for being temptation of making it better because it never comes to the sight then.

  8. A few blog posts are sparked by some personal photos while others are ideas that would have naturally evolved because of the certain recent life events or observations. However I have rarely had a blog post in draft where I abandoned it forever.

    I suppose writing fiction would be more complex and most likely I would jump start some ideas with some more discarding along the way.

    I just finished the text of a blog post which for me, was more complicated than my usual blog posts in terms of its subject scope and providing descriptive examples to illustrate my point/argument. While I was writing it, I wondered if I was over-complicating it. ;)

    But no, the blog post complicated because it has been part of a personal quest. Now the fun part, is ploughing through tons of personal digital photos that will make sense.

    Won't be published for awhile, because there's other babies waiting for a long time to pop out!

    But I know this baby when it arrives into the blogosphere, it will surprise some regular readers. :D

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