fb page username affecting blog SE ranking?

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    Hi all,

    Does setting a username for the fb page of my blog
    affects the ranking of the blog itself in search engines?

    e.g: my blog’s name is XYZ and it ranks
    first in Google searches. I then go set
    a username for the fb page as facebook/xyz
    -Wich one will be more prominent in search results,
    meaning wich site will rank first in SE’s?
    or will it be variable over time by which site has more activity/hits?

    Do you have experience with this?
    I’ve been trying to find out on the net but didn’t find an answer to this.

    Looking forward to responses


    The blog I need help with is crisvg.com.



    hmm, no one with insight on this?



    Bumping threads is considered bad Karma and poor form. Most of the help in this Forum comes from your fellow bloggers who are unpaid volunteers. The average response time in most online help forums I have read is 12 to 14 ++ hours. You have ask a very specific nich question, my guess is there are only two or three regulars in this Forum with the experience to give you an accurate answer.

    As an added bonus when threads are bumped it looks like they have been answered and so your response time will probably be slowed down as most of us look back at the threads that have not had any answers first.



    I am rather surprised that even though
    this is a very specific question -I know,
    there wasn’t any reaction just yet
    -may it be in form of a comment or answer.

    By no means I mean to be bumping
    but merely open up discussion.
    I did post in the right forum category I believe…



    My suggestion is that you approach a specialist in SEO. We don’t have any answering support questions on this forum so you will have to do some research to locate one and then hire them to provide the professional advice you want.



    Yes, here on WordPress.com, all the SEO is built-in. You really don’t need to worry about it.



    It’s true that our SEO is (thankfully!) built-in,
    this question comes out of a certain fear
    that the fb page might take over on the ranks
    as facebook url’s tend to score high in rankings.

    I would hire someone if I’d make enough
    money or make cash from my project
    but unfortunately it ain’t the case.
    and it’s too bad I don’t have anyone
    in my direct environment
    experienced in that area.
    I’m a bit of one of a kind among my friends -hehe



    When I click into your blog I see ZERO post content at this point in time. WordPress.com blogs are intended to be used for the publication of original content. Are you planning to create and publish any post content in the wordpress.com blog? Or are you simply using it to redirect anyone clicking into it to your other sites like your Facebook page? All I see are static pages redirecting to your other sites and sidebar links doing that as well.



    what you are looking at (http://crisvg.com) is my personal website
    and is meant to be this way.
    on the static pages I’ve posted my original content,
    stuff that I make: my artwork, music and links to my external pages.
    like any other artist site.
    I do not post on it as blog for that reason and as a choice.
    and I don’t think this is forbidden
    (and paid my domain name through wp.com, if you feel like knowing)

    my question above was related to my art project, who that one, function as blog
    and is hosted on wp.com too, called ‘a pleasant view’ and to wich you can find a link
    to it on the sidebar of my personal website.

    so, now i’m just wondering where are you getting at, Miss Timethief?



    I clicked your username.



    that’s kind of you
    -I hope you enjoyed my works

    Anyways i don’t think there’s much more
    answers coming from my question.
    I’ll just go ahead and see what happens in SE

    Thank you all for your input.




    Best wishes with your blogging.

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