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  1. Hoping to get some help..newbie! However, I have watched and read eveything on the FB widget 100 times. I added my fb like widget to my site but get this message under it.. Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in. I added the link in the address bar of my fb page wall, so am not sure why it isn't working. Is it related to the fact that I also can't add links to my posts and its a link? Appreciate any help very much. I am using IE9 and have cleared my cache/cookies and restarted at least ten times. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The widget only works with a FB fan page, not your personal profile page. Is that what you are trying to add?

  3. Yes, its a business page. Not my personal page.

  4. You have reported the fact you cannot add links in several threads. This is an outstanding issue.

    Have your searched the threads at this link?

  5. Thx, still trying to navigate the rules. I will read that, I just flipped thru a few and I'm assuming that as you referenced the fb widget problem with my other issue, it probably is related to the link adding in posts. So hopefully one will resolve the other. I am trying to add it under the widget area and following the instructions to the letter on saving it and it still gives me that msg, so I will wait and see if i can resolve the link issue and see if it corrects it as well. Thx again!

  6. Can you post the link to the FB page you are trying to add to the widget? Maybe someone can help from there.

  7. This is still a problem for me. I corrected the link adding in new posts by changing to google chrome but no luck with the widget. The FB page is!/pages/Thrifty-Today/248811211819979?sk=wall By the way, it will link from the title on my WP blog but underneath is the msg that the href can't be verified..however it does work. Thanks for any help with this.

  8. Thank you kellywpa!!!! It works, have a great Tuesday.

  9. Glad it worked! I think I had a problem with the URL also when I did mine.

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