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FBI man sent me abuse from his work

  1. I got this abuse comment, that had nothing to do with my topic. It was not a discussion, but a random insult. I clicked and it said, an address in Denver, Colorado, and the email was from, and I located that up, and it was the FBI. If his email was even real. I guess he could have lied about the email submission. I did put him on the banned list. I just think if he is really emailing blogger abuse from a federal building this is an outrageous abuse of the tax payer dollars, and I should be able to contact his supervisor. How can I report this email, and is he really from the FBI moreover, or can anyone submit a fake email and post that?

  2. The FBI in Denver, Colorado is in the phone book. Call them.

  3. lettershometoyou

    Bet you anything it was a troll using any one of the billions of email addresses out there. They often put in fake ones.

  4. It's probably not against FBI guidelines to insult someone, even so.

  5. lettershometoyou

    Hands up! Damn, your pits stink.

  6. How did you KNOW? I thought they said they were gonna destroy that videotape!

  7. lettershometoyou

    No videotape is ever destroyed. They get stored on yourube.

  8. If someone is passing himself off as an FBI agent that's a crime. Call the FBI office.

  9. I was thinking the same thing as znaxl, but I thought if I contact the FBI, that would be taxing them with something unnecessary. I did contact the abuse note from his service provider which is Quest, and I mentioned he was impersonating an FBI agent, but I did not hear anything back yet.

  10. What is his IP? That's what will really tell you who/where he is. If it's Quest, probably not an agent.

    The REAL Bug Girl.


  11. @buggirlx
    The FBI would certainly want to know about someone who was posing as an FBI agent, and they do take that sort of thing very seriously. I would contact them and send them all the information on it. Whoever it is will most certainly get a knock on the door and a good waterboarding.

  12. Actually, that is true. Impersonating a law officer is a crime.

    Good call SP.

  13. chewypupforever

    Im sure this was some imposter. If an FBI agent was to contact you, im sure it would be Via-Email!

  14. It's just someone using a fake email. Relax and ignore them.

  15. No, like I said in my first post, call the FBI. Some people need a sharp lesson, and the FBI probably wouldn't mind giving it to him. It's easy for them.

  16. lettershometoyou

    Right! Inspector Lou Erskine is already on the case.

    (I like writing things a Penguin would never understand without googling.)

  17. I am thinking it is not the FBI, it is a fake person using the email. I did contact the abuse team at quest, and they have not replied. I would be happy to turn him in, but on the other hand, I don't want to be seem as an over zealous person bothering important people with petty details. Probably he just posts that email to freak people out.

  18. You're not being overzealous. Other people might be tricked by this. Wether he is a jerk agent or an impostor, it's in the FBI's best interest to stop him.

    (@lettershome: I had to google)

  19. buggrlx - The Bureau would not consider a loose cannon agent or someone gaining access to their email a petty detail.

  20. Well, that is true. I kept think on the small possibility he was really an agent, and just sitting there typing abuse at bloggers instead of working, just made me sick. So, I am going to try to call them. Incidentally the address also came up as from Denver, Colorado. It's kind of freaky when you log the IP, and an address come up, so I looked at my own IP and no address was shown. I wouldn't want people to track people down at their house because they got offended in the blogosphere.

  21. I did call them on the national hot line, and they lady said, it was just a prank, and not from the FBI. She said, it happens all the time, and this is very common. They do not want to go after this guy. Of course, maybe he is insane, and thinks he is a Federal Agent.

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