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fckdup bloggers wanted...

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to network and help promote some fckdup blogs online.

    I'm a British expat in Greece, looking to network and add some stuff to my new site which will be online shortly (, and I am happy to help other expat bloggers scream and shout about whatever's on your mind.

    It will be featuring a dedicated blog section for similar people going out their minds on the many differences, observational humour, random sh*t and well - anything else that happens to someone willing to leave their own fckdup country that they half understand for another fckdup country they don't, so pop by and say hello.

    Similarly this applies to others who feel that they are slightly estranged and have similar material which would fit in and seek a little extra promotion and aid promoting their work, site observations blah, blah, blah...

    If your interested (anyone) please visit the blog (
    to get an idea and leave me a note, or email me at :

    [email redacted by slik,]

    Old site is still online however new fckdup and improved site is imminent hopefully this week, subject to sanity levels staying reasonably healthy and the world giving itself a big Hug...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hope you have a good spam filter in place on your domain because posting your email address in a public forum is a great way to encourage bots to harvest it.

    I've tagged this thread so hopefully someone will be along soon to remove it or obfuscate it for you.

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