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  1. Back when I was running my own WordPress blog, I had a plugin that let me use FCKeditor instead of TinyMCE. FCKeditor has more features, and works better on Opera (at least on Linux). If you could choose between the two, it would be nice.

    The plugin.

    OT: That guy reverse-stole my blog's tagline!

  2. runs on a multi-user platform, which is different from the downloaded wordpress software, so i doubt if staff would want to implement this on millions of blogs, which may confuse other bloggers...
    feel free to contact the wordpress staff through that link to give your suggestion though. take note that support is only open on weekdays on certain hours.

  3. The plugin adds an option to switch between the two; it doesn't instantly switch.

  4. {waving to sulz}
    Aside from Akismet, we do not have plugins, on our blogs. And this is why we do not have plugin tabs on our dashboards. This can be verified here:

    sulz has given you the link to contact staff. Support hours are 9-5 PM on weekdays.

  5. Yes, I know. It's not a weekday yet, so I can't contact them. I was thinking of asking them to add this plugin, so that everybody could choose. There's got to be somebody else who prefers FCKeditor; it's the most used online text editor.

  6. I just played around with the demo. It's nice. It's intuitive to use. It has lots of options. And they say it plays nice with the major browsers. Open source is a plus.

    I know a project looking for a web editior. I'm going to recommend it to the lead developer. Thanks for bringing it up.

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