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    I would like to be able to see my photos (nearly 400 at present and growing) in a contact sheet type of display with all on one page and the URL listed below them. The reason is I am working on 5 blogs and put all the images in one place and use them from there. Searching page after page is quite time consuming. And I don’t want to waste space and time uploading the same pictures time and again. Alternatively a filtered file list (filter by media type) would be just as good and either the contact sheet or list could be printed out as reference since sometimes I have to prepare posts offline. I think just some kind of command at a command line could give a file list (like the old DOS DIR *.EXT /S type command. .EXT being the extension) That kind of list would be OK. Would someone think about how to do that and if it could be possible in the future upgrades. Thanks.


    You want 400 pictures on one page? Even 400 thumbnails will make impossible for even someone with high-speed connection to nagvigate through your page. My browser shuts down when I enter certain Myspace pages.



    The thumbnails would be on the admin side not for general public view. And even 50 per page would be useful. I am more interested in getting the list I can cut and paste from rather than in the thumbnails. Perhaps I should have clarified.


    I don’t think more than the 15 we have in our media library can be done. It’s not something we can do different with CSS or hosting our sites outselves to have a change in our dashboards.

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