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    I recently edited my theme options (Inuit Types) so that the featured post entries option was changed from 0 to 10 . When I first made this change it translated perfectly to my home page. However today I wrote a new blog post including setting my feature image as I always do – when editing the post I select add feature image from the bottom right of the screen. This time however the feature image does not appear on the homepage for the blog post. All the other featured posts on the home page show their feature image.

    What could be causing this? For the moment I have had to revert to my original theme option of 0 featured post entries because in this format the feature image does appear on the homepage. But I want to use the 10 feature posts option as this increases the size of the images on the homepage.

    This is my blog – thebeautyphilosopher.com

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is thebeautyphilosopher.com.



    ok so thanks for that article – I tried resizing according to the inuit types Two-column featured posts size but it still comes up without an image. Again all the others in the two column feature posts (10 per page) show up WITH images.


    Update: I read the comments in that article and your own update on increasing width to 600px and this seems to have worked. Hopefully it stays that way. Thank you!

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