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    I am having trouble making the feature image show up in the post preview (it shows up in the full post). I had this problem before and it was caused by the wrong image size but that can’t be the problem this time because the image is sized exactly like all of the other feature images on my blog. This is the post in question. http://thesigother.com/2011/02/21/special-edition-a-study-in-presidential-style/

    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is thesigother.com.




    I’m not sure if I understand correctly the issue you are having. When you say the post preview, do you mean the preview you see when you hit the Preview Changes button from the dashboard? I can see the featured image when I hit the preview button.

    Or if you meant it archive view, the featured image appears correctly. For example in here: http://thesigother.com/2011/02/

    I’m sorry if I misunderstood the issue you are having. Could you clarify the issue a little bit more?


    I think I have the same problem. I’m using structure as well, and when I publish a post with the featured image, it doesn’t come up in the header as it should do.

    The odd thing is that some of the posts do work.
    Here’s an example of what it should look like with the the featured image in the header:
    Working water post

    This is a post that has a featured image (the one in the post) that doesn’t show up in the header:
    Not working meaning post

    At the same time the most recent post should have it’s featured image in the header of the blogs home page.
    If you check mine you’ll see that it doesn’t.



    Both of the links you posted above and the link to your username are to a blog wearing the Twenty Ten theme.

    I’m using structure as well, and when I publish a post with the featured image, it doesn’t come up in the header as it should do.

    Please an active link starting with http:// to the blog wearing the Structure theme.



    @ marisazupan
    Will you please read the dimensions here for featured images in the Structure theme and let us know if your images are correctly sized or not?


    @ timethief

    That article seems to have gotten it right, thanks!

    Sorry about the links, they’re the right ones, I just gave up on the issue shortly after posting and decided to change the theme to something I had better control of.

    Thanks for the help though it’s appreciated.



    Understood now and glad to know you are happy with the outcome. :)

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