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    I did connect an external WordPress website to wordpress.com by using Jetpack. Later I decided to remove the website, for good. I was not able to delete it from “My Blogs”, I created a new post in the forum asking about it. It turned out that a staff member had to do it manually.

    A feature letting the user delete a jetpack connected site from “My Blogs” would be handy, it would cause less clutter in the forum, and it would be less work for your staff. It’s a win/win feature that should be implemented IMHO!

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    Kenth Hagström



    I definitely agree with this, I setup lots of ‘test’ sites for various things and connect Jetpack, but I don’t always remember to disconnect the site before I trash it. Being able to do this myself from the My Blogs page would be a godsend.





    I Agree! I want to delete old connections, but I can’t.

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