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    Is there anyway you guys could simply add some type of blog stat page indicator for pages that have been visitied along with the posts that you are already tracking? This would be a very cool feature.

    More useful statistics like city or visitor origin would be cool as well but might be a bit too much for that page unless you created a more detailed blog stat page.. anyways thank you..



    it has been requested before but i havent heard what wp plans to do about this. you should send a feedback to make sure the wp team reads your request.



    Please remember that for every person who thinks that this is a ‘cool feature’ there’s someone else who doesn’t think so. :)

    WP.com would have to follow a number of US laws if they were to obtain the data required for a more detailed stats page. That would mean doing away with the anonymous features of the blogs here. I think there would be a great number of folks lined up shooting down that idea if it was to occur. Matt has also mentioned in the past that if you’re someone wanted stricter stats, than wp.com isn’t for you as it’s more for the person who wants to blog and not worry about the high end details like plugins and the like.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback like suggested but we’ve been over these suggestions before as stated.

    Good luck,

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