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    Hi. I’d like to ask if you might be able to incorporate a new functionality into WordPress that I expect might be of great use to many: Category Header Text. In brief, what I’m referring to is allowing each category to have a block of text in it’s data model, which could be displayed on Category Pages. CURRENTLY you do have the ability to put a brief description for the category that appears as a mouse over on the pages, but I’m looking for something with more space, that would allow a few lines or paragraphs to be entered and displayed at the top of a category page. For example: if I had a category titled “Music” the top of the music page might allow me to display “These are my recommendations for all things musical; instruments, concerns, recordings, and even critical sights and studies. Please enjoy, and please provide comments and feedback if you have something to contribute.”. That’s not something I can easily do in a description and something I’d expect to be easily added to the database and to existing templates.



    I don’t really think I understand what you are suggesting so please accept my apology if I’m confused about what you mean. At present you can place any text you want on your music page, and pages can be used for any static content that a blogger wants to use. There is no relationship that I am aware of (but I could be wrong) bewteen pages and categories and categories are displayed in the sidebar.



    That does sound like a good idea. I can’t think of a work around to doing it.



    Neither can I outside of a couple plugins that do this. I would suggest sending in a feedback from your dashboard along with a link to this thread so that staff can see that we’ve discussed it.

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